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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Flo Admits Zoe's Father Made a Switch

Katrina Bowden, Kiara Barnes

Katrina Bowden, Kiara Barnes

Here is a quick hit from today's The Bold and the Beautiful:

Zoe pops up again at Flo's. She's concerned about one side of a conversation she overheard. Flo tries to ease those concerns. Zoe wants to know what else her father did. She already knows about his involvement in the adoption, so what else is there? She begs Flo to just be straight with her.

She says she didn't know what she was walking into. Zoe wants to know who the real mother is if it's not her. When Zoe threatens again to involve the police, Flo cracks and admits Reese switched the babies.

Katie and Thorne are on their couch. She tells Thorne how attentive and wonderful he is as a husband. Katie hopes he never thinks she is taking him for granted.

Thorne looks very uncomfortable whilst Katie talks about her shy, awkward teen years with two beautiful blonde sisters. Thorne talks a little about living in Ridge's shadow.

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Katie wonders how it would have been if they'd met earlier. Thorne states that his mother wouldn't have like another Forrester-Logan coupling. Katie insists Stephanie loved her and not her sisters, except in this situation, Thorne might be right. He notes if they had gotten together sooner, he wouldn't have had Ally and she wouldn't have Will.

It's clear that Katie doesn't know what's coming down the pipeline.

Flo and Zoe:

Katie and Thorne: