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The Young and the Restless Recap: Lola Gets a Bigger Surprise Than Kyle

Sasha Calle

Sasha Calle

Here's a quick hit from today's The Young and the Restless.

Cane isn't visiting Lily and the kiddies want to know what's up. They demand to know why they're not seeing each other on their anniversary. Cane blames Lily's class and says their visit can wait.

Jack tells Lola he's not here for her dumping any more on his hurtin' kid. She admits she made a mistake breaking up with Kyle. Jack has an idea, but wants reassurance from Lola she won't hurt Kyle again. They talk it out. He gives her the address to the cabin.

Summer pops up at the cabin. She trashes love and grabs a champagne bottle. She tells Kyle she's there as a friend. There's a knock at the door. The sleigh driver wants to know if Kyle and his girlfriend are ready for their ride. Summer convinces Kyle to take the ride with her, then hijacks the rest of what he had planned for Lola.

Arturo gives Abby another VD gift at Dark Horse. It's scuba gear for their underwater wedding. Abby doesn't bite, but thanks him for trying to distract her.

Mia is pacing around her apartment. She leaves another voicemail for Rey explaining her shout out was a mistake and there's nothing happening with Arturo. Mia calls Lola for help. No dice. Mia looks down and sees the magazine cover with Abby and Arturo. She starts to get angry again.

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Sharon is home alone doing her taxes. She tells Mariah she wants to get her affairs in order, just in case. The doorbell rings, it's Rey. He comes in and talks about his father, and how he wanted to be nothing like him. That's why he wanted to give Mia another chance. Sharon asks what happened. He says all the lies they ignored got too big and he can't hide his feelings anymore. He tells Sharon he loves her.

Sharon's not sure Rey's timing is good. She put herself aside when Mia showed up. Rey tells her he's loved her for a long time. Sharon needs more answers. Eventually, she confesses she loves him too. They decide they have to back off one another for the time being and go slowly. 

When Sharon leaves the room, Rey starts looking around. He sees a cell phone bill on the coffee table from April 2018. He realizes Sharon called 911 the night J.T. died.

Arturo is at Crimson Lights when Mia comes in. Mia asks if he's seen Rey. He thinks it's odd she doesn't know where he is. Mia admits she screwed up and Rey may be looking for him. She tells Arturo what happened between her and Rey.

Kyle and Summer drink champagne and start making out. Lola is watching through the window at the cabin door.

Rey finds a cell phone bill: