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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Does Some Algebra on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Carly says she took a pregnancy test, but Sonny feels it must be a mistake. Carly insists she took two tests and both were positive. Sonny's worried for her health. Carly's not sure she wants bring a baby into their world.

Sonny brings up the fact that any baby will remind them of Morgan, but Carly wants to find out what having a baby would be like. Sonny's still more worried about the risks.

Lulu's being released, but she doesn't want a guard at the house since Franco's in custody. Laura disagrees. The two are surprised when Spencer shows up. Spencer gets worried about the election tampering when Curtis shows up to guard Lulu.

Valentin and Nina discuss wedding plans. Nina wants to wait to allow people to get used to the idea.

Maxie complains to Peter about Valentin. She figures out the secret he's keeping from Nina is about Sasha. Maxie realizes that Sasha might not be Nina's daughter (Jordan give Maxie a call, she'll have this serial killer thing figured out in no time!).

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Maxie and Peter discuss it long enough to come to the conclusion that Sasha may be in on it. Maxie wants to do her own DNA test.

Curtis and Jordan discuss the possibility that Franco isn't their killer. Jordan has a plan to find out the truth.

Ryan wants to give Ava anything her heart desires, but all Ava wants is Kiki. Ryan promises he'll make her happy again. Laura interrupts their kiss, which does not sit well with her.

After Ava leaves, Laura thanks "Kevin" again for helping with Lulu. They discuss their divorce and Ryan mentions the prenup. This confuses the heck out of Laura. Later, Laura leaves a message for Alexis to call her about it.

When Ryan mentions the prenup to Ava, she's surprised that Laura would have insisted on one. This worries Ryan. He calls Ferncliff to have a chat with Kevin.

Jordan stops by to talk to Franco and shows him photos of Kiki's body. Franco gets upset and says he doesn't have the urge to kill anymore. Jordan decides he's not the killer.

Franco thinks this means Jordan's going to let him out, but she wants him to play along instead.