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The Young and the Restless Recap: Abby Barks Up the Wrong Tree

Noemi Gonzalez, Melissa Ordway, Jason Canela

Noemi Gonzalez, Melissa Ordway, Jason Canela

Here's a quick hit from Friday's The Young and the Restless.

Sharon's getting grilled like she's at the PCPD. Rey expresses disappointment. She tries to explain what it's been like hiding in plain site. Sharon states that J.T. was killed in self-defense.

Rey is surprised to find out Sharon was there and not just guessing at what happened. He wants to know the deets, step by step. She fills him in and admits they don't know where the body is now. Rey handcuffs Sharon and arrests her.

Billy stops Victoria's favorite Chinese takeout. She thanks him for being so nice to her, even though she shot him down. Victoria wants to know her kids will be taken care of if something happens to her. They are interrupted by someone pounding urgently on door. Victoria is taken away in handcuffs.

Nick and Phyllis are enjoying a romantic night, reminiscing about their first wedding. Later, when they are cozy on the couch, they are interrupted by someone pounding urgently on door. Phyllis is taken away in handcuffs.

Abby confronts Mia at the GCAC. She says she pities Mia for her lack of grace and self-control. Abby explains why she tolerated her, but decides Mia is a spoiled brat who is starved for attention. She tells Mia that Arturo is hers.

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Mia points out that both she and Abby know she could have Arturo any time she wants. Arturo tries to get them to stop. Abby tells him she can handle herself. Mia mocks Arturo for being with rich girl who does everything for him. The words get louder and now everyone is paying attention as they drag each other. 

Mariah and Tessa walk over to see if they can help. Mia asks them to get Abby away from her. Abby turns away muttering. Mia grabs Abby by the back of her hair and threatens her. When the club manager comes over, Abby bolsters her side and has Mia thrown out. Mia gets home in a rage and reaches for the tequila bottle. She pulls a Nikki Newman and takes a few fast gulps. She sees the magazine cover again, which doesn't calm her mood. 

Lola goes to the GCAC and sits with Abby and Arturo. Kyle comes in to talk, but Lola says no dice. Arturo bucks up and tells Kyle to kick rocks. He tells Lola he loves her and will fix it. Then, he leaves. Arturo tries to trash talk Kyle, but Abby shuts him down. Lola decides to walk home. Abby offers Lola her coat because she left hers at the cabin.

Lola heads out to the Abbott house. She gets no answer out front and goes around back. Someone in beautiful black boots comes up behind Lola and jabs at the back of her head. Lola falls and hits her head on the diving board. Lola gets up dazed and falls forward into the pool.

Lola takes a winter dip:

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up next week: