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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chabby Reunites and Makes Sweet, Sweet, Love

Billy Flynn, Kate Mansi

Billy Flynn, Kate Mansi

We begin a new week in Salem with a quick recap of Monday's episode.

The reunion of Chad and Abigail began with Charlotte's return and continued today on Alice Horton's sofa. They were just about ready to get down to business when Jennifer Rose came home and interrupted the festivities. Once she was told the good news about baby Charlotte, Jennifer Rose turned her busybody radar to the Chabby reunion. Chad offers to stay on the couch and Jennifer says "yes" as if this were a Chennifer reunion and not a Chabby one. They all agree, but Abigail says that he doesn't need to sleep on the sofa. Cue the "let's get nekkid and make sweet, sweet love" music. 

Over at University Hospital, Kate and Rex spend some time discussing what happened with Jordan, but then lapse into Rex's relationship with Sarah. Kate thanks Rex for dropping everything to come see her, but thinks he should return to Sarah. Rex explains that Sarah is good for now. She's with Eric, "and he's kind of boring" so he'll have to make it up to her somehow. After a while, Rex figures out that the woman he saw outside the Brady Pub - you know, the one he didn't sleep with, but would have if given the chance - was Jordan Ridgeway. He fills Hope in on the situation and Kate sends him home to be "dessert" for Sarah - ew. 

Side Note: I think I'm on the island of unpopular opinion here, but I love Rex. Yup, I said it. I think Kyle Lowder is playing Rex like a real person, who is sometimes very flawed and very much led by his libido. Whether or not the word, "dude" is actually in his dialogue, I kind of hear it at the end of each sentence. There is no pretense. He is what he is. I kind of find him entertaining. 

Meanwhile, "boring" Eric is talking food storage with Sarah when they decide to eat Rex's dinner. While they are talking, Sarah thinks she has figured out that Rex cheated on her last Valentine's Day with Marcy - a nurse with whom they both worked. She tries to call Rex, who doesn't answer, so she calls Marcy to confront her. She finds out that she is spending the evening with her WIFE. Sarah and Eric discuss her tendency to go from 0 to 60 without thinking. As Eric tells Sarah she deserves to be loved completely, Rex returns with a coconut cream pie from the Brady Pub, which happens to be a box of doughnuts. Eric got the doughnuts. Rex got Sarah. 

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Side Note: I kind of feel the same way about Linsey Godfrey as Sarah that I do about Lowder's Rex. They are flawed characters that have real-life based reactions. They don't sit around brooding and processing through monologues. They have too much to drink. They have random sex. They make mistakes and they own them. Sort of. 

Ted and Hope are also at the hospital when Mr. Laurent kisses Fancy Face just before Rafe swoops in to kiss her. Hope is getting quite a bit of action while dressed like it's Monday night at the PTA. Ted, in romance novel fashion, explains that he has been there for Hope while Rafe was taking care of his ex-wife, out of the country. Rafe kind of looks at him with a mixture of anger and being stunned - like he wants to hit him, but he can't because somebody struck him with a big, cartoon like, mallet. Rafe goes to check on Ciara while Hope scolds Ted. 

Ben and Ciara are having a lovely reunion when Jordan comes out of nowhere - did anyone else jump on Friday when that happened? - and smacks Ben upside the head. She does it again until he passes out, then reminds Ciara that she knew this would happen. Why won't anyone listen to her? Nothing will be okay until Ben is dead even, if that means Jordan needs to take Ciara out to do it.

They struggle over one of the ENDLESS SUPPLY OF SYRINGES Jordan has. Ben wakes up and goes after his sister. It looks like he's going to escort her to the stairs of the upper room to be rejoined with their mama when Ciara talks him down. Rafe comes in to restrain . . . Ben. Oh, Rafe. The episode concludes with Ben telling Ciara that he wanted to kill his sister, and they hold each other. 

Side Note: I have LOVED Chrishell Hartley as disturbed Jordan. Even though these scenes have taken place over a few short weeks, I feel like I get what happened. Especially, now that we know she had a car accident - maybe a little traumatic brain injury is at play here. Hartley is putting some desperation into those disturbed eyes where she really doesn't understand why people don't get it. Sometimes, you can even see the confusion in her eyes when she realizes she doesn't want Ben to die. . . but maybe she has to do it to protect everyone . . . except that ALL OF SALEM IS GETTING ON HER NERVES AND EVERYONE MUST DIE. It's been fun. 

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