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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Strikes Out at Laura on General Hospital

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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Jordan tells Franco to plead guilty in order to flush out the real killer. Jordan says the real killer will be jealous and frustrated, and will try to regain the spotlight.

Franco says it would destroy Liz. Jordan says no one but the two of them can know the truth. Jordan says if Franco refuses, he will be convicted. Jordan says he never paid for his previous crimes and it's his only way out.

Laura follows Ryan to Ferncliff, but she's briefly stopped by an orderly. Laura says she's allowed unsupervised visits and follows Ryan.

Ryan goes to Kevin and accuses him of lying about the prenup. Kevin insists there is one and it was Laura's idea. Kevin says it's hiding in the safe in his office.

Curtis and Spencer help Lulu get home. Nina and Charlotte surprise them with a welcome home sign. Lulu and Curtis are not happy to hear that Nina agreed to remarry Valentin.

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Nina says Valentin brought her Sasha, but Curtis says it's not a reason to marry him. Lulu says she doesn't trust Valentin. Nina mentions that Lulu is falsely accusing Franco, but Lulu says she saw him in her memory. Nina says Franco wouldn't hurt Kiki, but Lulu says he's regressed.

Willow and Chase have their Valentine's date at the Rib, but Willow is preoccupied by Brad and Lucas' date. Chase finally asks her why she seems uncomfortable with Brad, but Willow denies it.

Chase asks why Willow moved to Port Charles. She says she was running away from a toxic situation with her baby daddy.

Julian talks to Brad about Willow. Brad says she promised not to say anything and he isn't involving Lucas. Julian wonders what Brad will do if Wylie's birth mother comes back into the picture.

Michael has an Internet blind date that turns into a dud. Alexis runs into Neil.

Ryan leaves Kevin's room. Laura finds Kevin in the room and recognizes him. Ryan knocks her out.