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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gabi and Leo are Bitchy Deliciousness

Camila Banus

Camila Banus

We open our day in Salem with Chabby in bed . . . not so much in the afterglow, but with Abby dreaming about Jordan. Chad tells her that Occupy Jordan is not a movement that deserves space in Abigail's head. Now, we've returned to Chabby afterglow. Abigail gets up to check on Charlotte. Upon her return to afterglow central, Chad gets a text. 

Whoooo could it be? It was someone from the DiMera board saying that Stefan had to pass on several multi-million dollar deals because, as Abigail says, Chad's "been busy." Abigail tries to convince Chad to fight for his legacy, but Chad, SHOCKINGLY, is apathetic and thinks maybe there is another solution. He wants to say "peace out" to Salem and go to Hong Kong to join Belle and Shawn Douglas, or maybe Paris! Abigail is uncertain, but eventually decides she's down. Chad shows more emotion than he has in months when she agrees to hit the bricks. 

In Will's bedroom, Sonny is creepily staring at Will whilst he slumbers, noticing his bedhead and his growling stomach. Um . . . ew. WilSon go in for a second round. After they finish, Sonny says he can remember every time they've "made love". Creepy clue #2. Three creepy clues and you're out . . . oh wait, Sonny just basically said, "every time with you is like the first time." Ew. Creepy Clue #3, Sonny. You're out. 

In the Kiriakis bedroom, Leo is tied up with a Gabi Chic pillow over his Leohood. Leo tries to give Gabi some advice, one bitch to another - clearly Leo doesn't know who he is dealing with. Leo gives her kudos, while trying to figure out why he is tied up. Gabi explains that Sonny and Will are Arianna's daddies. Leo tells Gabi about how Arianna's daddies tried to murder him. Gabi goes on to tell Leo she's sure he deserved whatever murderous plot WilSon perpetrated on him. Leo seems to realize that Gabi is his equal. 

Side Note: Gabi and Leo on the SAME SIDE could be ALL. OF. THE. EVERYTHING. 

Leo tells Gabi that he has photos of WilSon dumping his body in a trunk. Gabi seems unimpressed and thinks he has no leverage if he is tied to a bed . . . see ya. Gabi calls Sonny to check in and explains that Leo is tied up. Sonny admits what Leo said was true. Gabi doesn't seem at all shocked, but wants to remind WilSon that Leo will take them to task. Gabi is being very practical about all this big gay mess. 

Sonny and Will go back to talking about Leo as if he is a wart on the nose of humanity and they are guiltless souls just floating through life waiting for this scourge to be eviscerated.

Meanwhile, Leo is still tied up trying to hump that Gabi Chic pillow off his Leohood. In walks Gabi. Leo announces that the pillow is ugly, but is quickly shut up as Gabi threatens little Leo with a pair of scissors. She clips the ties that bind him, while threatening to snip something else next time . . . 

Suddenly, Will and Sonny have returned to the Kiriakis mansion and Gabi takes her leave.  

In Horton Square, John isn't hungry as he ponders not telling Marlena he has yet another gay son. As John is about to tell Marlena the deets, the Salem PD decides to do some police work and calls Doc to analyze Jordan. As she leaves, here comes Diana! She wants to know how his Valentine's Day was and confirms he didn't tell her about their son. Diana reminds John that Matthew, um, Leo will not be very happy when he finds out the truth. She is reallllly trying to warn John that Leo is not one to be messed with. 

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At the Salem PD, Eli is documenting his own "incompetence" by documenting how Ben is not the killer. Thank goodness someone at the Salem PD recognizes their own incompetence. Lani stops him from doing his job by presenting him with a 45 of the Mynah Birds before Rick James was RICK JAAAAAAMES! Eli has NADA in return for Lani. Eli ain't worried because he has two tickets to the Chicago symphony. 

Marlena shows up at the PD and is trying to get the scoop from Eli about Jordan. Marlena apparently leaves the room because when she returns, Diana is there waiting to talk to her. She tries to apologize to Marlena, but to no avail. Doc has her number. However, she is talking about John's prior relationship to Diana and not Leo's paternity. Diana takes it in stride and explains she couldn't help but want to know about the woman John could never forget. 

Side Note: For those who were not watching in the 1980's, Marlena was presumed dead when Diana and John were bed buddies. 

Over at the Brady Pub, John tells Roman that "Colville" is pressuring him to tell Doc about Leo. John goes on to explain that Leo has issues and he could be a problem. Ever the pragmatist, Roman offers that Leo might want to forge a relationship with his new found silver fox. John is not so certain. 

We conclude our day in Salem with Chad talking to Mr. Shin and confirming he will take the position in Paris. Mr. Shin is concerned about how the decision will impact DiMera and wants him there TONIGHT . . . as it so often goes in Soap USA. Abigail agrees to exit and say her goodbyes. Chad insists they must not do so without Abs being his wife . . . again. 

At the Brady Pub, John continues to refer to Diana as "Colville" and explains she was a good person before she left (and shot him . . . yeah, that happened). Roman says he is not cynical . . . 


OK, I'm back . . . Roman explains he is not cynical (giggle), but maybe Diana is trying to get between John and Marlena.

Over at the Salem PD, Marlena and Diana are going back and forth until Diana explains what she needs to tell her is not about John . . . it's about Leo. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Leo is now dressed and confronting WilSon in the living room. They explain that they are done with his foolishness. They will no longer be playing his game. Leo agrees. In walks Lani and Eli . . . Leo says that Will and Sonny tried to kill him and hands over a manilla envelope. 

That's it! The conclusion of another day in Salem. What did you think of the episode? What do you think will happen tomorrow? Sound off in the comments!