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Perkie's Observations: Margaux Blabs Intel to Shiloh on General Hospital

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Kim has positive pregnancy results for Carly. Kim says it will be a high risk pregnancy and Carly will have to manage her stress. Cary tells Sonny this baby is a blessing.

Drew updates Jason about his chat with Shiloh, but says he doesn't know what type of game he's playing. Drew says Shiloh seemed relieved that he wouldn't remember what happened overseas.

Sam talks to Shiloh about Kristina and wants to know more about him. Shiloh wants her to take a drive to show her something.

Kristina talks up Dawn of Day to Michael, then asks to borrow money. Michael agrees to lend her the money.

Margaux preps Lulu for Franco's arraignment. Margaux says Franco will plead not guilty and for Lulu not to react. Curtis wonders if Franco is having a break with reality, causing him to regress.

Curtis asks about how Lulu got away, but she says she doesn't remember. Lulu says she'll eventually ask Kevin to put her under again to find out the rest.

Maxie meets with Sasha at a nail salon and takes her nail clippings for the DNA test. The two discuss Valentin's marriage proposal. Maxie thinks they need to protect Nina.

Stella runs into Marcus, who's upset about not being able to celebrate Valentine's Day with Yvonne. Curtis stops by. Marcus thanks him for helping him become friends again with Stella.

Peter stops by to see Lulu. Lulu says she wants to write about her attack, but Peter doesn't think it's a good idea. Maxie agrees with Lulu that she should write the story. Maxie shows Peter she has Sasha's DNA.

Curtis runs into Sasha and discusses her bond with Nina. He says he hopes she's as genuine as she seems.

Margaux's taken a seminar with DOD, so when she runs into Shiloh, the two discuss her taking more. Margaux talks about how she betrayed a friend and Shiloh takes an interest when he realizes that she's talking about Drew and the flash drive.

Sam tells Jason that Shiloh wants her to go away with him. Jason thinks it's a bad idea. Sam says she wants to go so she can get as much information on Shiloh as possible.