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WATCH: Kristoff St. John's Ex-Wife Mia Talks to Dr. Oz About His Last Days

Mia St. John, Dr. Oz

Mia St. John, Dr. Oz

Mia St. John, the ex-wife of Kristoff St. John, talks with Dr. Oz about the actor's final days before he passed away on February 3. During the emotional sit-down, which aired February 21, the former world champion boxer revealed St. John had his own demons that manifested when their son Julian took his own life in 2014. 

Mia explained to Dr. Oz that Julian had schizophrenia, while the elder St. John battled bipolar disorder. Once Julian took his life in the mental health facility where he received treatment, Kristoff never recovered. 

According to Mia,

It was our biggest nightmare. And he never, ever could recover from the guilt. He felt guilty, he felt responsible. Even though the facility was found guilty of neglect and falsifying records. And I kept trying to tell him over and over again that it was not his fault.

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Watch the clip below,

Mia got candid with Dr. Oz on what she thinks happened to her ex resulting in his death. 

Dr. Oz : Alcohol can kill you, other things can as well. What do you think really happened to Kristoff?

Mia St. John : You know, I wanna believe that it was an alcohol accidental overdose.