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Perkie's Observations: Franco Is Not Confident in Jordan's Plan on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

Joss overhears Sonny tell Carly she needs to be careful with her health and thinks her mother is sick. Carly covers and says all is fine. Joss asks her mother for permission to go on the road trip. Carly's not thrilled with the idea. Carly offers to drive the kids, but Joss isn't interested.

Jason tells Sam he'll be following her and Shiloh on their drive. Jason mentions Shiloh having problems in Beechers Corners. Jason feels Shiloh is more of a threat than they thought.

Harmony shows up to give Shiloh a warning. She says someone came around asking questions and thinks Jason sent him. Shiloh says Jason won't find anything and tells Harmony to head back to Beechers Corners.

Ryan's happy with the outcome of Franco's hearing. Ava wonders why Franco pleaded guilty to a crime he didn't commit. Ava admits that she's doubting Ryan's feelings for her. He says he's willing to prove his love and proposes marriage.

Ryan says they belong together, but Ava reminds him he's still married to Laura. Ryan reassures her that everything will work out. Ava agrees to marry him.

Lulu doesn't feel closure with the verdict. Lulu has a strange feeling and gets lightheaded. Curtis takes her to get checked out. She admits she felt something is off with Franco's confession. Lulu worries about the things she still doesn't remember.

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Franco blames Jordan for losing Elizabeth. Jordan's certain her plan will work and he'll be exonerated.

Drew comforts Liz as she wonders what to tell her boys about Franco.

Cameron finds out that Franco pleaded guilty. Liz insists that Franco is innocent, which does not sit well with Cam. Cam says she's in a toxic relationship with a murderer and accuses her of being sick.

After Cam storms out, Liz and Drew discuss and wonder why Franco pleaded guilty. Liz is certain of his innocence and will stand by him. Drew gives her back the rings she threw at Franco in the courtroom.

Anna demands answers from Dr. Cabot about the blindness virus. He promises to give answers after he's certain his vision is back. The bandages are removed and Dr. Cabot is thrilled to have his sight back. Dr. Cabot says Alex was one of his subjects because she was an identical twin. Anna insists she never participated in any experiment. Dr. Cabot says she just doesn't remember.

Franco's taken to Ferncliff for a two-week evaluation. Jordan drops by and Franco questions what will happen to Liz with the killer on the loose. Jordan says she can't put guards on Liz and is certain the killer will make a mistake.

Robert updates Sonny and Lulu on Dante's whereabouts. Dante's in Turkey and Robert promises they're trying to bring him home. Robert admits to Sonny that Dante has gone rogue and the bureau isn't happy.

Cameron tells Joss what happened with Liz and Franco. The two agree to do head out on their trip tomorrow.