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Perkie's Observations: Drew Drives Blind and Nails a Target on General Hospital

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Briana Nicole Henry

Briana Nicole Henry

Jordan tells Franco that he will do an interview to bring out the killer's ego, which will betray him. At first, Franco refuses and points out the killer could come after him. Jordan gives him a burner phone, which Franco immediately uses to call Liz, but the phone is locked. Jordan tells Franco to call Scott and tell him he wants to do an interview.

Sonny wants Robert to go to Turkey and bring Dante home, but Robert says it could cause an international incident. Robert warns Sonny not to make waves. (Sonny doesn't listen, because he's an idiot.)

Cabot says Anna wasn't supposed to remember being drugged, abducted, and injected with the virus. He says the virus has remained dormant until now. Anna wonders about Kevin's connection since Ryan would have been dead for 25 years.

Anna wants to know what the objective was. Cabot says it was to transfer memories. Anna realizes this study was then taken further by Andre into the mind mapping. Anna points out there are two other unwilling participants, Jason and Drew.

Jason warns Sam to be careful with Shiloh even though she says she can handle herself. The two agree that Jason will track her to the destination.

Curtis and Drew talk about Franco and the surprise that he pleaded guilty. Both agree that something else is going on.

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Terry finds Liz, who is upset in her car. Liz tells her she married Franco last night, then he pleaded guilty. Liz swears he isn't guilty and something else is going on. Terry says Liz needs to feel the anger and let it out, so Liz blasts out a loud scream.

Ryan and Ava run into Carly and tell her about their engagement. She reminds "Kevin" that he's still married to Laura. Ryan poo-poos that and points out their marriage will help co-parent Avery. Ava agrees with Carly, he does need Laura's signature for them to move forward.

Laura tries to get out of the locked basement, but gets nowhere. Laura says Kevin must have been shocked to find out Ryan was alive, but Kevin doesn't answer.

Ryan returns with the divorce papers he wants Laura to sign. Initially, Laura refuses saying she won't help him hurt Ava. Ryan tells her to sign them or he'll kill both of them. Laura signs the papers and Ryan heads out. Kevin promises to marry her all over again when this is over.

Sonny tells Carly about Dante in Turkey. He's going to get Dante out. Carly's not happy, but accepts it.

Sam and Shiloh head to a lighthouse in a small town outside Port Charles. Shiloh says he landed there after Afghanistan. Shiloh wants Sam to spend the night with him and witness the wonders of the place, but Sam is hesitant.

Jason shows up because he followed Sam. He starts to climb the stairs and gets hit by the virus, then falls down.

Drew heads out in his car, gets hit by the virus . . . and runs over Jordan.