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Perkie's Observations: Anna Wants to Know More About Cabot and Alex on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Drew, Jason, and Jordan all end up in the hospital. Finn manages to neutralize the virus for the twins, helping them regain their sight. Jordan, on the other hand, is in a coma and Curtis sits vigil.

Stella explains to Curtis that Jordan's rib punctured her kidney and they may need to remove it. Curtis sits with Jordan and talks to her.

Kim tells Drew that he hit Jordan and she's in ICU.

Carly sits with Jason as Anna explains to him about the virus. After Anna leaves, Carly tells Jason that she's pregnant.

Sam is waiting for answers about the men, while Shiloh questions how Jason knew where they were. Sam makes excuses for Jason's pushy behavior.

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Maxie anxiously waits for the DNA results. Valentin interrupts to ask Peter to be his best man and Peter accepts.

Nina discusses bridesmaid dresses with Sasha. She wants Sasha to stay in town until the wedding.

Drew stops by to apologize to Curtis for hitting Jordan. Stella sits with Jordan and talks to her.

Anna asks Dr. Cabot if he implanted any of Alex's memories into her. Cabot tells her to check with Alex. Anna has an agent take Cabot into WSB custody.

Sam manages to escape Shiloh's clutches to check in on Jason and is happy to hear Carly's news. After Carly leaves, Sam tells Jason she's going to con Shiloh. Jason agrees to back her up. Shiloh sees them kissing.

Maxie gets the DNA results, but it turns out the sample was wrong and she doesn't have the right results.

Jordan monitors go off and she's prepped for surgery.