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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Interviews Franco on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Roger Howarth

Emme Rylan, Roger Howarth

As Sam's kissing him, Jason spots Shiloh in the doorway and gives her a sign. Sam plays along and smacks Jason across the face. Shiloh hears Sam declare to Jason they are done and he's to accept it.

Sam and Kristina talk about Jason. Sam lays it on thick that Jason will never put her first. Kristina admits he does put CarSon before Sam and his kids. Kristina says the DOD has Sam's back.

Shiloh informs Jason that Sam has moved on and he needs to let her go. Shiloh says Sam is under his protection now.

Alexis has a session with Neil and they discuss her dangerous past.

Molly and TJ wait with Curtis for Jordan to get out of surgery. The doctor tells them they were forced to remove her right kidney. Curtis realizes that Jordan's not out of the woods yet. Molly reassures TJ that Jordan will pull through.

Ryan gives Ava a ginormous engagement ring. Chase interrupts, asking if "Kevin" has seen Laura. Ryan claims he hasn't. He mentions the divorce, which is news to Chase. Ryan says he's gone days without speaking to Laura.

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Julian believes Ava's moving too fast with her engagement to "Kevin". Ava says "Kevin" loves her for her and wants her brother to be happy for her.

Lulu and Peter prepare for her live interview with Franco. Franco's interview comes on screen, surprising Ava, who still refuses to believe that Franco is guilty. Julian doesn't think Ava should be watching, but Ryan feels it will help with the healing process. Ava blames herself for Kiki's death, saying she brought Franco into their lives.

Lulu questions Franco about why he would throw away his new life to murder again. Franco claims they were all works of art, including Kiki,  who was too beautiful not to kill. Lulu mentions being a step ahead of the police.

Lulu mentions his murders coinciding with the Ryan Chamberlain murders and calls him a copycat. Franco says Ryan was a nobody, which doesn't sit well with Ryan. Franco believes the tumor is back, which will get him out of jail time.

Chase runs into Alexis and asks about Laura, but she hasn't seen the mayor either. Ryan sends Chase a text from Laura's phone stating that she's stuck in a meeting. Chase then heads to the hospital to check with Curtis. Curtis also says he hasn't heard from Laura.

After the interview, Lulu tells Peter that something felt off.

Ryan shows up at Ferncliff to see Franco, claiming he's made a terrible mistake.