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Days of Our Lives Recap: Justin Preps Dumb and Dumber Their Bail Hearing

Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith

Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith

Since we were short on soaps today, here's a very quick hit from Days of Our Lives:

Diana hears a knock at the door and floats effortlessly across the tiny room to the door. She peers through the peephole and sees John. Before she lets him in, she adjusts her flowing peignoir.

He busts in telling her they need to talk. She is so excited the silver fox has entered her den. She thanks John for not blowing Leo's mind with daddy facts, but John is off the bender about WilSon being in the slammer.

Diana thinks the boys are where they should be for attempted murder (yes ma'am they are), but John tells her it was an accident (only up to a point and that's a fact). Diana admits Leo's no saint, but he doesn't need more hate. John wants to give Leo a fresh start by getting him a divorce and setting the record straight, but Diana says no bueno. John wants intel on how to neutralize Leo. He pulls out all the stops and tells her he has connections to protect Leo. If she ever cared for him, now's the time to pony up.

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Justin pops into the interrogation room. He advises WilSon (who are together, uncuffed, and unattended) to keep their mouths shut at the bail hearing. Will insanely thought confessing without a lawyer would get them off the hook . . . because it was the truth. (Poor Justin is walking up hill backwards with these two). He explains they admitted the pictures weren't faked when they confessed. He lets them know Ted is the new D.A. . . . who witnessed everything that happened . . . and they're basically screwed.

Sarah feels someone touching her cheek while she sleeps. She calls out Rex's name, but it's Eric. He tells her they need to stop fighting their feelings. He leans in and they kiss. (I say it's a dream.)

Here's today's highlight clip:

The full episode did not air, but it can be watched HERE.