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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Tries to Fix His Franco Problem on General Hospital

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Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

Ryan wonders why Franco would tell everyone that he's the killer. Ryan believes Franco's urges have been eradicated and he's not capable of killing. Franco says "Kevin" is wrong about him, then accuses him of selling him out to the PCPD.

Ryan again asks why Franco is taking credit and what his plan is. Franco finally admits that he and Jordan are working together to flush out the real killer.

Maxie's with Lulu when she returns to her office for the first time after the attack. Lulu still feels like she's missing something from that night. Lulu remembers the name Deborah Jones and feels it's connected to her research.

Lulu looks up the name online and finds out the woman was killed in Texas during the time that Ryan was there, but police never solved her case. Lulu remembers the second name and tells Maxie all the names were on Kevin's list. Maxie wonders how Kevin knew all of the victims names when police didn't.

Scott and Ava discuss Franco. Scott refuses to believe that Franco would hurt Kiki. Ava feels Franco fooled them all. Ava mentions Kevin, which annoys Scott. Ava tells him that Kevin proposed and she accepted.

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Scott's concerned. He thinks Kevin will drop her like he did Laura. Ava says Kevin changed her life and she deserves happiness.

Cam complains about Franco. He claims Franco's using Liz and the kids as cover when he's in fact, a killer. Cam still wants to go on their trip to Niagara Falls, but they don't have much money between them. Joss speaks up and says Jax set up an adventure fund for her, so the trip is on her.

Drew checks in with Liz and the two discuss the interview. Liz still believes in Franco, but doesn't understand why he said the things that he did. Liz reads the part of the interview where Franco mentions trying to kill his foster brother. Drew says they both know that isn't true and think Franco is sending them a message.

Franco claims the real killer isn't very bright since he wasn't able to finish off Lulu's attack. Ryan says he's bright enough to evade police and the killer might come after Franco. Ryan tells Franco about Jordan's accident and how she's not available to help him.

Franco gets angry with "Kevin" about the hypnotherapy session for Lulu, and says he needs to fix that mistake. Ryan says he never makes mistakes and he did it perfectly. Franco's confused. Then, Ryan stabs him in the stomach.

Ryan says he can't let Franco take credit for his work. Franco realizes that Kevin is Ryan. The nurse walks in and Ryan claims he had to stab Franco in self defense. She leaves, and Franco and Ryan fight. Franco knocks Ryan down and runs out of the room, locking Ryan inside.

Franco leaves a voicemail message for Jordan that Ryan is the killer and escapes Ferncliff.