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Perkie's Observations: Ryan's Secret Is Out on General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

A bleeding Franco shows up at home and tells Liz to call the police. Franco says he didn't kill anyone and he lied. Franco says Ryan is the killer.

Chase tells Ava that Franco escaped as Ryan gets medical help for his cut. Ava gets angry with Ryan for going to see Franco and not telling her. Ryan apologizes and the two make up. Chase tells them that Franco has been spotted and heads out. Ryan wants he and Ava to get married tonight.

Nina heads to the hospital to sit vigil with Curtis. Finn gives Curtis the update that Jordan is being moved to ICU. Finn says Jordan's remaining kidney is also injured and she'll need a transplant.

Lulu asks for Mac and Felicia's help with Ryan's murders. She mentions the two extra women, but Felicia has no memory of them. Mac reaches out to the police where the women were killed and finds out that were also missing their driver's licenses.

Mac wonders how Kevin had a list of 9 instead of 7 victims. Mac offers to talk to Kevin on Lulu's behalf. Lulu is determined to remember everything that happened that night.

Anna asks Peter about patients 1-5. Robert says Anna is patient 1. Anna explains about Dr. Cabot. Peter gets upset and says he never had any dealings with him. He says he only dealt with Klein. Peter thinks Klein would have the records Anna needs.

After Anna leaves, Peter and Robert go a couple of rounds. Peter insists he's not his father. Robert feels Peter is worse by pretending to be a good person.

Jason and Carly discuss Shiloh. Carly says she's worried that Sam is playing into Shiloh's hands. Carly mentions Franco's interview and how Ryan's alias was Wilson. Jason tells her to back off because of the baby.

Anna checks in with Jason about Klein and asks if there were any records. Anna wants to know if Klein is still alive. Jason claims no knowledge of Klein's whereabouts.

Ava tells Carly that she and "Kevin" are getting married tonight.

Nina offers to stop by Curtis' to get him a change of clothes. She finds Jordan's phone which has Franco's voicemail.

Paramedics take Franco to the hospital. Chase asks Liz for details. She tells him that Franco said Ryan was the killer.

Carly's there when Ryan's getting ready to leave.