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Perkie's Observations: Mac and Felicia Outsmart the PCPD on General Hospital

Kristina Wagner

Kristina Wagner

Ryan's surprised to find Carly behind him. She says she knows he's eloping with Ava tonight. Ryan doesn't want to hear it from her, so Carly backs off about the wedding. Then, Carly wants answers about Wilson Ritter. Ryan's annoyed she's harping on the patient who was in the room next to her. Carly says she heard that Todd Ritter was one of Ryan's aliases and wonders about the connection.

Carly deduces if Ryan could still be alive, then that's who she saw at Ferncliff. Ryan tells her she was in a highly emotional state and conjured up "Kevin's" friendly face.

In Ankara, Turkey Sonny sits in on a local poker game looking for the whereabouts of Raj Patel. The men get upset. Sonny knocks over the table and fights with them. Robert shows up and bails Sonny out. Robert says he has someone for Sonny to meet, who will have information on Dante.

Curtis tries to break into Jordan's phone, but doesn't know the password. Chase shows up and asks for tech help to crack it. Chase gets the phone unlocked. Curtis listens to the message from Franco saying Ryan is the killer.

Chase thinks Franco had a mental break at Ferncliff and tells Curtis that "Kevin" was cut and stabbed Franco in return. Chase wonders how Franco got a phone to call Jordan. Curtis says Jordan didn't believe Franco was guilty and decided on a plan.

Anna leaves a voicemail for Andre. She tells Finn that she needs to find out if any of her memories are actually Alex's. The two run into Chase and Curtis discuss the case about Ryan.

Chase explains what's happening with Franco. Finn says Ryan's name keeps coming up. Anna decides that it isn't a coincidence.

Laura's still trying to find a way out of the Ferncliff basement. Kevin's concern is that some of the employees are working for Ryan. Laura notices the name Danzinger scratched in the wall. Kevin explains that Danzinger was an early patient who escaped.

Laura also finds the letters Cu written and Kevin figures out it means copper. Laura says there is one copper pipe against the wall. Kevin grabs the pipe which moves, so the two push it out of the way and find an opening to a tunnel.

Ava tells Julian she's getting married and isn't happy when he doesn't jump for joy. Julian says the only way that marriage will work is if "Kevin" loves her for who she is.

Lucy is shocked when she overhears Felicia and Mac talking about "Kevin" and Ava eloping. Lucy says she's worried about Doc and Mac says he's been acting strangely for a while. Felicia is determined to find out why.

Felicia runs into "Kevin" in the garage and wants answers from him. Ryan tells her there's nothing to worry about because his marriage to Laura didn't work. Ryan says it's hardly a matter of life and death, which Felicia reacts to.

Ava shows up, so Felicia leaves. Felicia heads back to the hospital where she tells Mac and Lucy that "Kevin" is acting like Ryan.

Ryan stows Ava's suitcase in his trunk alongside a knocked out, trussed up Carly.