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Perkie's Observations: Ava's Missing Shoes Lead Her To the Trunk on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

Finn explains to Laura that Kevin has the same virus as the other twins. He will begin treatment as soon as Kevin gets to the hospital. Laura wants to see Jordan, but then is told about her accident.

Kevin is brought in and explains that Ryan has been impersonating him for months.

Jordan wakes up, desperate to tell anyone about her plan with Franco. Curtis tells her that they know and says Ryan was the killer all along.

Ryan and Ava get to the hotel and check in. He tells her tomorrow they're going across the border into Canada to get married. Then, they can head somewhere warm for their honeymoon.

The two make love. Ryan says he and Ava came together to heal each others wounds. He talks of going away forever. Ava reminds him she's not leaving Avery behind.

Jason checks the hospital, but Carly hasn't been admitted. Jason asks Olivia, but she hasn't seen her either. Jason spots Kevin and asks if the patient beside Carly was Ryan. Kevin agrees that it was, but for the past 5 months, they've been dealing with Ryan on the outside.

Cam and Trina hang out watching movies while he complains about Franco's role in their family. Trina tells him to be there for his brothers.

Oscar and Joss declare their love for each other. Before they can do anything about it, Oscar has a seizure and passes out. Cam calls 911 and paramedics take Oscar to the local hospital.

Finn tells Curtis that while Jordan has stabilized, she will need dialysis while they wait for a transplant.

Jordan's upset that she believed Ryan and discussed the case with him. Anna reassures her that Ryan deceived everyone. Jordan thinks Laura will want her resignation, but Laura says it was Jordan's plan that flushed Ryan out.

Jason overhears Laura tell Chase that Ryan wanted to elope with Ava and if they find Ava, they'll find Ryan.

Jordan wants to continue her investigation. Curtis tells Jordan how bad off she is and that she needs a transplant.

Kim heads over to the bar for some sexy time with Julian. Jason shows up, demanding that Julian tell him where Ava is. Julian's not in a hurry to tell him anything, so Jason says if something happens to Carly, he'll hold Julian responsible. (Shut up Jason). Kim tells him that Ava is eloping in Niagara Falls.

Laura runs into Jason and says she's going after Ava and Ryan with him.

Ava's missing her shoes and heads out to the car to get them. Ryan heads out to find her. She runs into Cam as he's leaving for the hospital. Ava opens the trunk of the car.