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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Taylor's Tuning Out Steffy's Message

Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Hunter Tylo

Here is a quick hit from today's The Bold and the Beautiful:

At Steffy's: Steffy is trying to tell her mother that Hope came to her about Liam because she couldn't get through to him. She explains that Hope is doing it out of pain, loss, and guilt. Taylor tells Steffy it wasn't Hope's fault that Beth died. Steffy knows, but says Hope feels guilty about Phoebe and Kelly growing up in a home without Liam.

Taylor claims she understands, but Steffy tells her Hope is acting purely from pain. She thinks her mother should know about acting out of character when she's hurt. Taylor sympathizes with Hope and wants her to get better. Steffy tells her about the day Hope came over to pawn off Liam. She thought Hope was getting better, but no dice. While Steffy tells Taylor about that day, Taylor gives her that, "so, where's the problem?" look.

At Wyatt and Sally's: Hope asks Flo if it's okay to talk about Phoebe. Flo gives her the green light because she can see Phoebe means a lot to her. Liam, Wyatt, and Sally are outside watching. Sally asks if they should interrupt, but Liam thinks Hope needs to talk about it and Flo may be helpful. Wyatt pipes up and adds that Flo can understand what Hope feels.

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Hope goes on about how she had a connection to Phoebe the first time she held her. She claims she feels it with Flo, but Flo nixes that concept. Hope tells Flo was brave and compassionate when she gave up her baby. She says that Steffy is a good mother to her. Flo encourages her to try again. Hope states she doesn't think it's meant to be, but Flo makes her promise because she thinks Hope is destined to be a good mother too.

Steffy and Taylor:

Hope and Flo: