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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Jason Head to Niagara Falls on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Genie Francis, Steve Burton

Ryan recognizes Cameron, and at first refuses to let him go. Cam manages to leave and get to the hospital. He doesn't realize Kevin is really Ryan.

Ava opens the trunk looking for her shoes and finds Carly. Ryan shows up. He says he'll handle Carly. Back in the room, Ava wonders if "Kevin" is having a breakdown.

Laura lets Chase know that Ryan is in Niagara Falls. Then, she asks Jason how everything ended up here. Jason explains about Carly's need to find out about her neighbor in Ferncliff and how it turned out to be Ryan.

Jason tells her about Carly's car and phone being in the parking garage, and believes Ryan took her. He refuses to believe that Carly is already dead.

Sonny impatiently waits for Robert's contact to show up. Robert tells him to put on his big boy pants and wait patiently for things to play out. There's some nonsense with a fortune teller who reads Sonny's palm who tells him his child is in danger. Then, Sonny ends up with an address. (Did she give it to him? I was confused.)

Drew and Liz discuss Ryan and how Franco isn't the killer. Liz wonders why Franco didn't trust her with the truth, but Drew says it was Jordan's case. Kim shows up and tells Drew about Oscar, and the two head out to Niagara Falls.

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Liz calls Cam, who admits that he's in Niagara Falls with the others. Liz tells him that Franco is innocent and Ryan is the killer. She says he's been posing as Kevin. Cam says he just saw "Kevin" and realizes that it was Ryan.

Cam doesn't believe his mother at first, but Trina calls GH and is told Kevin is currently in surgery. Cam still isn't happy with Franco in his life. Trina reminds him that he has his health, which more than they can say about Oscar. Later, Joss is upset that Oscar is running out of time.

Liz calls Laura and tells her where Ryan is staying. Liz finds Chase and tells him so he can contact the Niagara Falls police.

Chase calls in Lulu and tells her the truth. Lulu says she was convinced that it was Franco. She has a flash, which shows Ryan attacking her. Lulu's upset that she let Ryan get into her head.

Liz tells Lulu that Ryan fooled everyone, including Laura and Felicia. She adds that Lulu shouldn't beat herself up over it.

When Ryan gets back to the room, Ava asks why Carly is in his trunk. Ryan says it's a wedding present for her (Ryan honey, most women want jewelry, not a body in the trunk). Ava feels the sooner they get Carly back to PC, the better off they both will be.

Ryan says he dropped Carly five miles to the east. We see Carly, who is dumped on the side of the road. Ryan says his priority is to marry Ava, who he's waited for his entire life.

Jason and Laura arrive at the hotel. Jason pulls out his gun and heads to Ryan's room.