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The Young and the Restless Recap: Michael Gives His Closing Arguments

Christian LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc

Here's a quick hit from today's The Young and the Restless:

In the courtroom: Michael decides to put Victoria on the witness stand. He tells her to relate the story of J.T. over the past year. Victoria explains how Reed ended up on her doorstep when he didn't want to go to Poland. Soon, J.T. followed with the news that Mackenzie was suing for full custody.

Victoria admits she talked to a therapist about the abuse, but was ashamed to tell anyone else. Michael backs up her statement by submitting the therapist's notes. Michael also plays the video of J.T. going after Victoria. Victoria walks the court through the night of J.T.'s murder.

Victoria testifies that they all wanted to call 911, but Phyllis told them not to because no one would believe they acted in self-defense. She goes on to say she doubted herself and began to believe Phyllis was right.

It's Christine's turn to take a crack. She asks Victoria what happened after J.T. attacked her in the video. She says she went upstairs. Christine rattles off a list of things she knows Victoria didn't do like call the police or get medical help. Victoria claims it was a one time thing. She says she regrets their engagement and explains why they broke up (the trip to Hawaii). Christine isn't satisfied that Victoria's abuse is not a valid excuse for Nikki's murder and their cover up.

Michael's redirect focuses on Victoria' fear of J.T. in the moment. She claims she would be dead, but the judge strikes her comment. Michael rests his defense case.

The three attorneys give their closing arguments.

At Rey and Mia's: Mia is not happy about Rey's courtroom confession. She realizes Rey can't have Sharon now, so he's happy enough with her. Mia claims she can see in Rey's eyes he has feelings for Sharon. Rey throws Arturo in her face and tells her not to justify calling out his name whilst doing the deed. He tells her not to play the innocent victim because she is the one who cheated.

Rey tells Mia he didn't sleep with Sharon. Mia tries again to be the martyr. Rey stops her and says he can't keep pretending to make things work between them. He admits he's done and in love with Sharon. 

Rey tells her Mia's blind jealousy put Lola in danger. He promises not to say anything and heads off to the hospital.