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Perkie's Observations: Ava Takes the High Road for Carly on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom, Maura West

Ryan and Ava are gone from the hotel when Jason and Laura get there. Jason figures they're heading over the footbridge to Canada.

Ryan and Ava start to cross the footbridge, but Ava wants them to call 911 to help Carly. She says Carly could die and she won't be party to murder. Ryan just wants them to disappear as quickly as possible.

Ava says she'll be charged as an accomplice and if they get caught, they'll be separated. She wants to make things right. Ryan says they're going to Canada and to take a chance with him, so Ava finally agrees.

Sonny and Robert head to a safe house to meet with their contact. Turns out, yesterday's fortune teller is today's WSB agent. Sonny blames the WSB for losing Dante. The agent explains that Dante has gone deep undercover and that Raj got to him before the WSB. Sonny asks if Dante is dead, but she feels that he's Raj's prisoner. She tells Sonny to butt out. Later, Robert and Sonny decide that Dante is Raj's hostage, and that they'll get Dante out themselves.

Julian shows up at Alexis' and declares that she wants him. The two have hot passionate sex on the couch. Alexis wakes up since it was all a dream (as a giant Julexis fan before they were ruined, this was hawt for me, though I was so confused by the whole thing until it turned out to be a dream). Later, Alexis heads out to buy herself a bottle of vodka (because that's an original story we haven't seen yet).

Sam and Kristina discuss Jason and Shiloh. Kristina mentions having to pay for seminars, which are only for the elite members. Sam leaves Jason a message about it.

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Maxie's second guessing her decision to find Sasha's identity. She explains to Peter about her own bad deeds, namely Georgie's conception. She says people lie for the right reasons. Maxie decides she wants to go ahead with the DNA test.

Sasha's still concerned about Nina getting hurt if she finds out the truth. Valentin says there was no way to track down Nina's real daughter and as long as she's happy, that's all that matters.

Nina introduces Sasha to Michael, so the two share a drink and get to know each other. Maxie "runs into" Sasha and manages to pluck out a hair.

Carly wakes up at the bottom of wherever (that looks exactly like the bridge Sam fell off...way to change things up, set design). She's determined to get out.

Jason and Laura come across Ryan and Ava on the bridge. Jason shoots Ryan in the arm. Ava freaks out saying "Kevin" is sick and having a breakdown. Laura yells that it's not Kevin, but Ryan.

Ryan tries to convince Ava that Laura is lying. Ryan tells Jason to back off or he won't find out where Carly is. Ava tells Jason that Ryan dropped Carly off 5 miles away.

Ryan tells Ava they'll end up together and kisses her. Then, he grabs her and throws both of them off the bridge.