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Perkie's Observations: Liz Is None Too Happy With Franco and Jordan on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Jason lunges, grabs Ava, and pulls her back up to the bridge. Then he leaves to find Carly. The police tell Laura and Ava that Ryan is likely dead from the fall or the water he fell into.

Ava's upset because she still believes Kevin had a breakdown. Laura says Ryan switched places with Kevin. Ava thinks it happened that morning, which is why Ryan wanted to marry her right away. Laura says Ryan made the switch months ago and Ava has never been with Kevin.

Robert wonders why there haven't been any demands made if Dante is being held hostage. He also questions whether Dante was taken because of Sonny's business. Sonny wants a face to face meeting with Raj. Robert says he'll check his contacts, but wants Sonny to stay put. Later when he returns, Sonny is gone.

Alexis calls her sponsor Finn and shows him the bottle she bought. He tries to distract her with games. Then he gets her to explain what happened. Alexis tells him about her sex dream with Julian. It wasn't the current reformed Julian, but the dark Julian. Finn tells her that drinking won't help the issue.

Liz is upset with Franco for not telling her about Jordan's plan. She says he always makes promises, then breaks them. Franco feels he did the right thing since it flushed out Ryan. Liz says if she'd known, she could have sent the boys away so they didn't have to deal with the fallout of Franco's confession. Franco says he had to sell it and questions whether Liz is calling it quits. Liz says she has to think of her boys. Franco says he did it for Kiki and he would do it again.

TJ, Stella, and Curtis let Jordan know they were tested to see if they are a match to donate a kidney. (FYI show, Stella is a former stroke victim and can't donate an organ. Do your research people). TJ admits to Curtis he's worried about his mother, but Curtis reassures him that Jordan is strong and will get through this.

Carly falls back down the incline knocking herself out again. When she comes to, she climbs back up.  Jason is there to pull her up.

Liz confronts Jordan about putting Franco in danger. Jordan has no regrets since it flushed out Ryan. Jordan says she would do it again, despite Liz's anger.

Ava insists Kevin loves her and the switch was only in the past 48 hours. Laura offers to take Ava back to Port Charles to talk to Kevin. Ava realizes that Laura is telling the truth and she's been sleeping with Kiki's killer. Ava breaks down in Laura's arms.