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Perkie's Observations: Maxie and Peter Try to Charm Brad on General Hospital

Kirsten Storms, Wes Ramsey, Parry Shen

Kirsten Storms, Wes Ramsey, Parry Shen

The next morning, Carly wakes up in the Niagara Falls hospital. Jason says the baby is fine, but they're keeping her overnight for observation. Jason tells Carly that Ryan wouldn't have found her had Ava not told him where to look.

Drew tells Oscar they will be flying back to the hospital in Port Charles so Terry can run some tests. Oscar still wants to see the falls with Joss, so Drew agrees to fly them over the falls first.

Jason runs into Joss and tells her Carly is there, so Joss heads to her mother's room. Carly admits to Joss that she's pregnant and Joss is shocked (and grossed out, I mean, it's Sonny ewww!!).

Brad and Willow run into each other at Charlie's, and once again, remind us and each other that Brucas are Wylie's parents and she needs to keep her distance. Michael shows up and drools over pictures of Wylie.

After Brad leaves, Willow and Michael discuss getting another shot at parenthood. Michael says he needs to find someone first. Willow says she and Chase are just starting out and she's happy with her students.

Nina and Sasha head to Charlie's. Nina's not happy to see Michael and Willow hanging out. Nina questions Willow (seriously Nina, it's none of your beeswax). Willow says she's dating Chase and Michael is just a friend.

In Turkey, Sonny stops a pickpocket from getting his phone, then wants information from him. Sonny shows a photo of Raj and Dante, and asks for help finding "his son". (Seriously, take a drink every time Sonny says "my son" and you'll be drunk before the end of the hour. Your son has a name, he's not your possession, Sonny, geez.)

Sasha tells Valentin she believes Maxie pulled out hair to get a DNA sample and he needs to block it. Valentin promises to take care of it.

Maxie reminds Peter (just in case he's forgotten) she has DNA samples from both Sasha and Nina, and plans to find out the truth.

Valentin believes Liesl is betrayed him about Sasha's identity, but Liesl says she hasn't told anyone. Valentin warns her not to let anyone find out.

Maxie and Peter head to the lab at the hospital to get Brad to run the DNA test. Valentin follows them, then calls someone to help him.

Oscar talks to Drew about not wanting to die without being intimate with Joss. He tells Drew that he loves Joss.

Joss admits to Carly that she and Oscar were planning on spending the night together. Joss tells Carly the seizure scared her.

Carly tells Jason that she almost gave up when she fell back down the embankment. She's grateful that he was there to pull her up the second time. Jason promises that he'll always be there for her.