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Perkie's Observations: Finn and Andre Confuse Anna on General Hospital

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Hamilton Finn, Anna Devane, General Hospital

Michael Easton, Finola Hughes

Ava walks up to Kevin. She accuses him of killing Kiki and slaps him across the face. Scott shows up and pulls her off Kevin, reminding her that she was with Ryan and he's gone. Ava refuses to believe it, but Scott says Kevin was in surgery when she was in Niagara Falls with Ryan.

Kevin apologizes to Ava for what Ryan did, but Ava says he doesn't understand what she's been through. Kevin thinks she needs to speak with someone, but Ava won't be making that mistake again.

Andre shows up in town to talk to Anna. She explains she was an unwilling participant in a memory swap. Andre doesn't have his records any longer, but he does still have Dr. Cabot's original papers. Anna wants to know which memories are hers and which are Alex's.

Finn shows up. Andre shows him the original data from Cabot's studies. Finn explains she received a partial memory transfer from Alex. Anna wants to know which memories are hers, but Finn says Alex would know.

Drew and Kim wait for Oscar to return from his tests when Shiloh shows up. He says Oscar reached out to him for alternative types of healing. Shiloh offers his help, but Kim is quick to shut him down. Later, Kim tells Drew she believes Shiloh is a con artist. Drew agrees, but wonders why Oscar reached out to him looking for a miracle.

Sam and Molly are there when Valerie and Kristina have another go around. Valerie wants to still be friends, but Kristina says she has no room in her life for unsupportive people. Valerie feels their friendship is now one-sided. Kristina has no room for negative energy in her life.

After Valerie storms out, Molly and Sam question Kristina. She says she's getting rid of all toxic people that don't support her choices. Sam reminds Kristina that she and Valerie have been friends for a long time but, Kristina insists she has to detach herself.

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When Alexis shows up, Sam heads out. Alexis tells Molly and Kristina she had a session with Ryan without knowing who he was. Kristina says her mother should take more classes from the DOD. Molly gets angry about Kristina pushing the DOD again.

Molly talks to Alexis about Kristina, but Alexis feels the DOD has done some good for her and she's not concerned.

Molly confronts Kristina, saying DOD is taking over her life. Kristina tries to convince Molly otherwise, but Molly believes they are a cult.

Lulu and Laura discuss Ryan and Kevin. Lulu wonders if her mother is ready to pick up where she and Kevin left off. Alexis shows up to talk to Laura about the divorce. She says the papers were signed under duress and she will need some time to sort things out.

Laura seems less than thrilled, so when Alexis leaves. Lulu asks why her mother is not in a rush to be married to Kevin. Laura tells Lulu how long Kevin knew that Ryan was alive. Lulu realizes that if anyone else had known about Ryan, it would have been easier to figure out when the switch happened. Laura admits she doesn't know how to deal with Kevin.

Kevin asks Laura if he can come home to her, but she isn't ready.

Ava loses it and Scott is there for her.

Willow and Chase head out for a date, but get drenched in a rainstorm. The two end up at his place while their clothes dry. The two kiss and agree they want to see where their relationship will go.

Willow puts her dress back on and we see the DOD tattoo on her back.