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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Reveals How Long He's Known About Ryan on General Hospital

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Jason checks in with Sam regarding Ryan and Carly. Sam mentions her visit with Daisy and the tattoo she was wearing. She shows Jason the sketch she made of it. Sam also mentions that Kristina borrowed money from Michael for DOD classes. Sam believes Kristina is getting deeper into the organization and thinks it's a cult.

Harmony's in town for a DOD rally and complains to Shiloh that she wants to be with him. She believes he's obsessed with Sam. Shiloh denies this and warns Harmony to concentrate on the Beechers Corners organization.

Kristina continues to sing the praises of Shiloh and the DOD. Valerie admits she doesn't see what Kristina sees. Valerie feels she's losing Kristina as a friend since she's obsessed with DOD. Kristina accuses Valerie of not supporting her and tearing her down. Valerie says she's looking out for Kristina and tells her Shiloh is a con artist.

Amy gets Franco up and walking around. She claims he's a hero, even though he's more worried about what Liz thinks.

Cam makes his way to the hospital directly from Niagara Falls. He wants to find out about his punishment. Liz says she's just glad that he's safe. Cam claims Franco deserves credit for what he did. Cam worries that he missed his community service. Cam and Liz stop into Franco's room. Cam is happy that Franco survived. Franco says he has a lot to live for.

A drunken Ava heads to the hospital to see Kevin, but finds Franco instead. At first she's still blaming him for Kiki's death, but Franco makes her understand that it was Ryan. Ava's angry that Ryan worshipped her and helped her through her grief, when he was the cause of it. Ava hopes Ryan's still alive so she can kill him.

When Kristina gets back to the house, Shiloh praises her for the rally and believes she's on the right path. He asks why she seems upset and Kristina admits things didn't go well with Valerie. Shiloh tells her that she needs to chose between her friends and the DOD.

Laura's happy to see Kevin is ready to be discharged. He's worried that Ryan may still be alive despite Laura's assurances that he couldn't have survived the drop or the cold water. Laura asks how Ryan ended up at Ferncliff.

Kevin explains he got a call from the DVX. Ryan was hired as an operative, but had become problematic. Kevin wanted to help until Ryan managed to get the better of him. Laura is shocked when Kevin admits he found out Ryan was alive in May of 2018.

Laura is angry that Kevin didn't confide in anyone, and he allowed Ryan to kill three people and attack Lulu. Kevin says he was hoping to cure Ryan and he regrets it. Laura says people suffered because of Kevin's misguided loyalty to Ryan.

Laura storms off. Kevin heads out to find her and runs into Ava.