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The Young and the Restless Recap: Summer Plans a Wedding While GC Burns Around Her


Here's a quick hit from today's The Young and the Restless:

Nikki gets a visit from Victor before she's hauled off to the big house for 30 years. Victor thinks her conviction should be overturned. They rehash the lost time they had during the course of their relationship. Victor says Nikki should have let him take the heat.

Mariah is visiting Sharon. She promises to visit her mother often. Sharon wants her to take care of Faith, which Mariah says she will do.

Nick visits with Nikki and then with Sharon. He tells Sharon that Faith wants to see her, but Sharon asks him to hold off. She advises him not to make promises to Faith he can't keep. He wants Sharon to have faith in him even though he has let her down.

Victoria is complaining to Nick that Nikki was doing what anyone would do. She feels J.T. is out there somewhere and he just won. They go over all the set ups and wonder where he could be. Nick vows that he and Billy will find J.T. Later, Victor visits Victoria and gives her a rah-rah speech about being a Newman.

Summer swings by Jabot thinking Phyllis is upset about the sentencing. Phyllis wants to focus on Summer's upcoming wedding. Billy overhears and gets upset with their priorities. He thinks Phyllis isn't thinking of anyone but herself. When he leaves, Summer wonders why Billy's so bent out of shape. Phyllis is trying to understand why Summer is in a rush to get married and asks if it has anything to do with Lola.

Auntie Nate reassures Kyle...again...that all the paperwork is order. He wonders if Kyle is worried that Summer will back out. Kyle claims he wants to make sure there's a backup plan. Auntie reminds him the law protects Summer's identity. When Kyle goes to chat with Lola, she wakes up.

Phyllis visits Victoria. She tells Red she doesn't need her help. She tries to defend herself, but Victoria shreds her.

Summer sees Victor at GCAC. He talks about Newman business, but Summer steers the conversation to her wedding. He's not happy that Summer's "gonna marry an Abbott".

Mariah and Kyle bump into each other at Crimson Lights. He confides in Mariah that Summer is Lola's donor in exchange for marriage.

When Billy visits Victoria, she breaks down.

Billy and Nick pop in at the GCPD and demand that Rey magically appear from wherever he is "out in the field". #NewmanPrivilege is in full swing.

Nick and Billy: