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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Thomas Returns to LA With News About Caroline

Matthew Atkinson

Matthew Atkinson

A shocked Bill relates the story he got from Karen about Caroline. He says it was a blood clot, but didn't ask for details because Karen was so upset on the phone. Hope asks if Douglas was okay. Bill says both he and Thomas were not with Caroline. Liam asks if he memorial service will be in NY or LA. 

Sally pipes up about her relationship with Caroline and how they didn't hit it off. She claims she really admired Caroline and talks about all her finer traits. Sally regrets not taking the time to get to know her or be her friend.

The family is gathered at the Forrester mansion. Sally goes up to Thomas and gives her condolences. She tells Thomas their parting was for the best for both of them. She says she's sorry about his loss.

Douglas is with Hope. He makes a comment that mommy is there and points out a picture of Caroline. Hope offers to whisk him off to the kitchen. Thomas takes the picture and thanks everyone for coming over and paying their respects.

Thomas talks about they plans he and Caroline had. Taylor and Ridge let Thomas know they are glad he's home where he belongs.

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