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Perkie's Observations: Molly and Kristina Go To the Mat Over DOD on General Hospital

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Molly Lansing, General Hospital

Lexi Ainsworth, Haley Pullos

Kristina insists the DOD is not a cult. Molly says Kristina is always quoting Shiloh and has no thoughts of her own. She accuses Kristina of chasing the easy answer. Kristina says Molly doesn't know her and she's grown and improved. Kristina accuses Molly of passing judgment when she doesn't even know her anymore.

Kristina says this works for her and believes that Molly only loves her when she's a mess. Molly says she's worried, but Kristina tells her to back off.

Jason and Michael discuss Kristina. Michael tells him about loaning her the money, but he believes it was for school classes. They overhear Molly and Kristina's argument, and step in.

Molly tells the guys that Shiloh is a fraud and Kristina is using the money for his classes. Molly says DOD is a cult. Kristina gets angry and refuses to deal with the negativity and storms off (Uh Kris honey, being a grown up means not leaving work in the middle of your shift just because you're pissed off).

Molly believes Kristina is brainwashed. Michael says if they push too hard, Kristina will get more defensive. Jason feels she'll just run to Shiloh. They need to let him think he has the upper hand. Jason thinks it will be easier to take Shiloh down that way.

Alexis has a session with Neil. She's upset she didn't figure out the truth about Ryan during the session she had with him. Neil reminds her that Ryan had everyone fooled and wants her to spill why she's really there. Neil pushes, but Alexis doesn't open up until her session is done. As she's leaving, Alexis admits she had a sex dream about Julian and wanted to drink.

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Finn stops by to see Chase and the two make small talk about his date with Willow. Finn tells Chase to call their father since he was likely worried about Chase going after a serial killer. Chase realizes that Finn was worried and is thankful to his brother.

Anna meets with Valentin looking for information on Alex's whereabouts. She explains about the memory switch, which does not sit well with Valentin. He says he hasn't seen Alex in a while and probably can't find her. Anna says it would go a long way to making amends, so Valentin agrees reach out to Alex.

Shiloh thinks Sam is flustered by his naked chest, but she denies it. She says she's concerned that anyone can just walk into the DOD house and is worried about Kristina. Shiloh claims he's taking care of Kristina and wonders why Sam is concerned today.

Sam explains what happened between Valerie and Kristina, and asks if Shiloh told her to write off her friend. Shiloh claims he doesn't interfere in personal lives, but promises to help Kristina patch things up.

When Kristina gets to the house, Sam mentions the incident with Valerie. After she leaves, Kristina admits to Shiloh she's glad she's cutting negative people out of her life. Shiloh says she's done the work and it's paid off. He thinks she's ready for the next step (which I assume is having a giant, ugly tattoo sharpied onto her back).

Dev helps Sonny find Raj's compound and creates a diversion, which allows Sonny to sneak in. Sonny finds and holds a gun on Raj, demanding to know where his son is. Dante walks in the room of his own free will.

Sonny claims he's taking Dante home, but he's knocked out by Raj's guards. When he comes to, Raj says he knows about the WSB operation and Dante is there of his own free will. Raj hands Dante the gun and tells him to kill his father. (Since it's not Christmas or my birthday, i'm guessing that won't happen).