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Perkie's Observations: Carly Gives Ava Some Tough Love on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West, Laura Wright

Anna demands answers from Alex, who says she doesn't trust Anna (what? that doesn't even make any sense). Alex finally agrees to give Anna answers in exchange for the eye surgery. She also wants complete freedom with no jail time. Anna accepts those terms, but Alex backs out again wondering why Anna doesn't want to let sleeping dogs lie. Anna says she's done enough things she regrets. She doesn't want to continue to carry Alex's sins as well.

Sonny makes plans with Dante to get one over on Raj and get back to Port Charles. Sonny tells Dante about Carly's pregnancy and he needs his plan to work.

Franco's waiting to be released from the hospital and wonders if he's going to a hotel. Liz says they can't disconnect from his history and his past always gets thrown in their faces. Liz says the boys went through an upheaval, all because she selfishly wanted Franco in her life.

Liz feels she needs to put the boys first (or until the end of the episode) and do what's best for them. Franco says he'll be waiting for her as long as she needs.

Drunk Ava stops by Casa Corinthos to see Avery. Carly says she's at the Quartermaines with Michael. When Ava starts to leave, Carly stops her. Carly thinks Ava wouldn't want Avery to see her this way.

Ava rants and raves, but Carly tells her not to wallow in self pity. Carly tells Ava to stop being a coward. Ava cries that she slept with Kiki's killer and she doesn't know what to do with that. Ava asks how she's supposed to deal with it. Carly says Ava is not responsible for Ryan killing Kiki and she needs to stop with the pity.

Julian pops by the hospital to see Kim while she and Drew wait for Oscar's test results. Carly calls Julian to come and get Ava.

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Drew stops by to see Franco, who says he doesn't know if Liz will take him back. Drew is certain things will work themselves out.

Drew seeks out Liz to plead Franco's case. He says she got him through his most difficult period and saw good in him. Drew believes she still sees good in Franco, who was forced into an impossible situation. Drew tells Liz to trust her instincts.

Cam and Joss sit with Oscar while he waits for his test results. Cam complains about Franco and how his past still affects them. Joss tells him to be there for his brothers (so basically the same conversation he had with Trina a week ago).

Cam goes to Franco's room and says he won't fight or get in the way of his relationship with Liz. Franco promises to prove himself.

Liz comes in and tell Franco that Jake and Aiden see him as their stepfather and she doesn't rip him from their lives. Franco says they can weather the storms together and promises never to hurt her intentionally.

Terry meets with everyone and tells them that Oscars' tumor has grown. She warns that he will have more seizures and they will be more severe. Oscar asks how much time he has left. Terry says anywhere from a month to six weeks.

Oscar asks for time alone with Kim and thanks his mother for everything she's done for him.

Julian picks up Ava, who complains to Carly that she has ammunition now. Carly tells her to clean up and she won't use this against her.