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Perkie's Observations: Sonny and Dante Overpower Raj on General Hospital

Maurice Benard, Dominic Zamprogna

Maurice Benard, Dominic Zamprogna

Sam updates Jason on the Valerie and Kristina issue, and that she confronted Shiloh. Jason tells her he saw the Molly and Kristina showdown, and Shiloh's mind games are working. Jason wants to take Shiloh out (because he hasn't killed anyone in awhile and his blood lust is rearing its head).

Sam says Kristina will know what happened if Shiloh disappears and will blame her for his death. Jason says Sonny is distracted with Dante right now, but when he returns he won't let this go on. Sam decides she needs to join the cult to get the inside scoop.

Kristina tells Shiloh that she's ready for the next step. Shiloh says there is a core group of decision makers, which surprises her. She thought everyone was on the same level. Shiloh says she needs to give a sign of trust before he can let her into the group.

Shiloh wants her deepest darkest secret she's never shared with anyone. Kristina agrees and tells him how she tried to exploit Parkers' feelings for her. Shiloh stops her and says she's shared that with other members and it's not her darkest secret.

Willow has the week off from school. Chase also has days off because of the overtime on Ryan's case. He asks her to go away for a few days. He invites her to his father's cabin on Nantucket and Willow agrees. 

Willow is at the bar getting drinks. Michael talks to Chase about DoD. Chase has only heard good thing because they help the community. Michael says he's worried about Kristina because she's getting more involved.

Willow returns to the table. Michael mentions that Kristina worships her leader Shiloh. Willow drops her drinks in fear. She warns Michael to do everything in his power to get Kristina out of there. Later, Willow panics when she reads the article about Shiloh and DoD. She calls her landlord to break her lease.

Julian talks to Alexis about Ava because he's worried about her. Alexis mentions having a session with Ryan thinking he was Kevin. Julian wishes Ryan were still alive so he could kill him for Ava. Alexis tells him he's become a good man for Kim and Oscar, and to keep those impulses at bay.

Dev, the pickpocket, contacts Robert on Sonny's request and tells him Sonny went into the compound, but never came out. Dev feels they need to go in and save him.

Sonny and Dante manage to overpower one of the guards and try to sneak out. Dev gets caught trying to sneak in, so Sonny feels the need to stop and save him. This turns into a gun fight. Dante is forced to shoot and kill Raj, while Sonny saves the kid.

Olivia and Lulu check in with Carly about Sonny's whereabouts. She tells them that he's in Turkey looking for Dante, but that he hasn't checked in and she's worried. Olivia figures out that Carly's pregnant only because she's not drinking coffee. Lulu mentions that Robert was involved. Since Olivia has Robert's number, she calls him. Robert promises Olivia he'll bring both Sonny and Dante home.

Alex goes back and forth on whether or not she'll tell Anna which memories are hers (it gets tedious and I don't know why the show felt it necessary to drag it on for 3 days). Alex finally tells Anna the memory is of Boris McKayloff. Anna remembers him as a scientist who was killed in an ambush.

Alex admits she froze, which is why he got caught in the crossfire. Anna realizes it doesn't make her feel better to know that memory isn't hers.

Michael shows up at DoD to talk to Kristina. Shiloh listens in as the two talk. Michael says he's worried about her and calls her on the money loan. Kristina says all they're doing is helping the community and she's becoming her own person.

Michael mentions Willow being concerned. Kristina says Michael can't tell her what to do and he needs to support her. Michael promises to be there for her if she needs it. After Michael leaves, Shiloh's proud of how Kristina handled herself.

Dante's upset that he had to kill Raj since he wanted to bring him in alive. Robert shows up as the dust settles and is ready to bring them home.