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Perkie's Observations: Felicia and Mac Lend a Hand on General Hospital

Kristina Wagner, Maura West

Kristina Wagner, Maura West

Laura gets worried when she finds Ava drunk on the docks. Ava says she can't stop thinking about everything, even though Laura tells her not to. Ava's thankful that Laura has been so nice to her through all of this. Laura says Ava didn't deserve what Ryan did to her.

Kevin wants to apologize to Mac and Felicia, saying he thought he had Ryan under control. Felicia says she can't pretend this didn't happen.

Alex had the surgery and Finn is removing the bandages. Alex insinuates she may not have told Anna the truth about their memories. Alex warns Finn that Anna always runs off because her job is more important, and he won't be enough for her.

Anna runs into Griffin. He has bruised knuckles and feels this is more than just grief. Griffin's angry that Ryan had the audacity to offer his condolences. Griffin can't make peace with any of it (used to love Griffin, but now he just makes me want to smack him and yell 'snap out of it').

Laura shows up and tells Griffin about Ava, who is drunk on the docks. Griffin claims he can't help Ava. Anna tells him to grieve with Ava. Later, Griffin overhears Laura. She tells Anna that Kevin knew and hid Ryan, and none of this would have happened if Ryan was turned into the police.

Molly calls a Davis coven meeting. She tells Alexis and Sam that Kristina is in a cult. Sam feels all Molly will do is push Kristina further away. After Sam leaves, Alexis says she feels Kristina is happier. (Uhm, mom, that doesn't mean she should stay in the cult. Geez.)

When Kristina shows up, Molly apologizes, but says she's worried about her sister. Kristina wants the benefit of the doubt and knows what she's doing. Alexis admits DOD does good work in the community, but maybe Kristina needs to take a step back.

Kristina says she's taken ownership of her destiny. This causes Molly to feel Kristina's being brainwashed. Kristina tells her mother and sister if they can't support her, they have no place in her life.

Willow's packing up her classroom because she wrote a letter of resignation to the principal. Valentin and Nina show up to tell her they want Charlotte placed in a gifted class. (So many things wrong with this scene. Willow told Chase she was on March break, which is why she could go away with him. March break means the school is closed and locked, therefore nobody would have access to it, including the teachers. Also, one doesn't just announce they want their child in a gifted program. The child needs to be tested and declared gifted. Sometimes this show is written by monkeys who've never lived in the real world. End rant!)

Willow explains that Charlotte needs to be tested and it's not her problem since she's leaving. Nina claims Willow is leaving the kids high and dry. Willow says Charlotte is a bright kid, but she's entitled and her parents are failing her.

Sam shows up at DOD and tells Shiloh she wants to join. He says she has to allow herself to be uncomfortable and relinquish control. Shiloh says he'll mentor her himself and she needs to make herself available 24/7.

Shiloh shows up at the school and finds Willow. (See, if she hadn't spent 3 hours re-reading her resignation letter, she'd have been out of there before he showed up. In a locked school. During March break. Man, that one really chapped my butt!!)

Anna tells Alex she's going into WSB custody. Alex wants a phone call first. She calls Valentin and tells him she wants her freedom for his secrets. Valentin doesn't fall for it and says she no longer has anything on him.

Felicia commiserates with Ava saying she's the only other woman to have survived Ryan's obsession. She explains what he did to her and he continued to come after. Ava points out that Ryan killed Kiki. Felicia says Ava can't blame herself because Ryan fooled them all.

Felicia says she's alive only because Ryan became obsessed with Ava. She warns Ava not to let her guard down because if he survived the fall, Ryan will be back for her. Felicia tells Ava the more she hates Ryan, the more he wins.

Mac tears a strip off of Kevin because none of this would have happened if Kevin had turned Ryan into the police. Mac says Kevin chose to protect his brother over everyone else.

Mac tells Ava to keep her guard up until a body is found. Ryan could still be alive. (Oooh foreshadowing anvils falling all over the place. what will happen next?!)

Kevin's walking on the pier when someone knocks him out. Oooh, who could it be?