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Perkie's Observations: Chase Figures Out Willow's Secret on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Josh Swickard, Katelyn MacMullen

Shiloh gets super creepy with Willow. He tells her he was worried when she disappeared and it's her destiny to stand by his side. Shiloh accuses her of breaking her promise when she left him. Willow's agitated and says she's calling the police. She accuses him of being a manipulator.

Willow says she won't let Shiloh push her around. He says he wants to guide her back into the fold and she'll have her family back when she returns.

Turns out Griffin was the man on docks (and not Ryan as I had originally thought) and he beats the crap out of Kevin. Ava shows up and stops him. Griffin tells her that Kevin knew Ryan was alive and didn't tell police. He asks why she's protecting Kevin. Ava says she knows Kiki wouldn't want Griffin to hurt Kevin, so Griffin gives up and leaves.

Jordan and Margaux update Laura on Ryan's case. Jordan says no one has found a body, though they do believe he died from the fall or the freezing water. Laura's not so sure. Margaux says authorities are closing the case, though the PCPD isn't until the body is found.

Margaux says she's going to charge Kevin as an accomplice, which angers Laura. Margaux thinks she's upset because of the political fallout because Laura is the mayor. Margaux tells Laura to get out in front of it.

Sonny and Dante are back in town. Sonny heads to the hospital to have his arm checked. Carly tells him what happened with her and Ryan.

Dante heads home to Lulu and explains that Raj is dead. He's upset that he left her and wasn't there to protect her from Ryan. The two make love. After, Lulu begs him never to leave her alone again. Dante promises and the camera pans to his back, which is full of scratches.

Sam updates Jason on joining DOD. Jason mentions that Sonny is back in town and will want things dealt with. Sam says she needs more time because killing Shiloh would destroy Kristina.

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Julian runs into Brad and Wylie. He wonders why Brad looks like crap. Brad is worried because he read an article and wonders if Wylie has his mother's crazy genes. Julian tells him not to worry.

Ava asks what Kevin knew. Kevin explains about treating Ryan and blames himself for everything that went down. Ava says she understands, as she's been in that position herself. Ava wants to take Kevin to the hospital to be checked out, but he says it would make trouble for Griffin. A uniformed cop spots them. He thinks Kevin is Ryan and arrests him.

Jason meets with Sonny, who tells him to get everyone out looking for Ryan. Jason mentions there are still issues with Kristina, who's cutting people out of her life. Sonny wants to get rid of Shiloh, but Jason says Kristina will know where the order came from.

Lucas spots a beat up Griffin and takes care of his cuts and bruises. Griffin says he can't deal with the ghosts and the rage anymore. Griffin has Lucas write a resignation letter for him so he can leave town.

Chase arrives at the school for Willow, so Shiloh leaves. Chase wants answers from her, but she tells him not to get involved. Willow says she can't stay in Port Charles, but Chase says Shiloh will find her again.

Chase offers to help her if she'll let him, but Willow gets more and more agitated. Chase figures out that Shiloh is Willow's baby daddy.

Shiloh runs into Sam and Danny at Kelly's. While Sam is out of earshot, Shiloh introduces himself to Danny. He claims they'll become good friends as Jason watches from the window.

Kevin is brought in to the PCPD. Laura vouches for his true identity. He offers to answer their questions without a lawyer present. Kevin explains what he did and admits he concealed Ryan's existence.

Margaux places Kevin under arrest.

Ava takes off Ryan's ring and throws it away (seriously, she should have sold it instead!). Julian shows up to take her home. Ava gets a phone call, from a silent heavy breather.