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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Vows to Protect Kristina on General Hospital

Chad Duell, Maurice Benard

Chad Duell, Maurice Benard

Willow explains to Chase what it was like to be involved with Shiloh and Dawn of Day. She says he gets into her head and it's easier to give in. Chase says she's been a strong woman since he met her and not to give Shiloh that power.

Willow explains that most people are looking for answers, and Shiloh offers stability and purpose. She says eventually they have to prove their trust and do whatever Shiloh asks of them. Chase asks if Shiloh forced her to have sex, but she denies it.

Jason is not happy to see Shiloh hanging around Danny. After Jason leaves, Shiloh questions Sam about Jason's intentions and whether he'll interfere with her courses. Sam says she won't let him.

Michael's happy to hear from Sonny that Dante is home safe and sound. Sonny explains what happened and how Dante took Raj down. Michael tells Sonny that Kristina's in over her head. Sonny says he's going to be taking care of it and will protect Kristina at all costs.

Dante has a nightmare that he's putting bullets in a gun while repeating, "I will complete the mission". He wakes up screaming from a nightmare where he shoots Lulu. Rocco's there and seems scared of his father until Lulu reassures everyone. Later, Dante feels badly for scaring Rocco and claims he doesn't remember the dream.

Alexis wants to talk to Kristina, but Kristina says she needs trust and faith from her family members. Kristina feels she can only count on her DOD family. Alexis says she's concerned that Kristina is cutting herself off, but Kristina says she doesn't trust her family.

Chase questions what made Willow leave. She says Shiloh had her in charge of the children and she refused to let them follow him. Chase wants to let the PCPD know about Shiloh, but Willow's worried. She mentions the baby she gave up, but Chase says Shiloh has no claim on the baby. Willow wants to leave town, but Chase promises he'll be here to protect her.

Dante stops by Sonny's and says he thought he'd snap right back into things when he got home. Sonny tells him to move forward and not look back. Dante admits he has a lot of anger now and he can't get rid of it. Sonny feels he should talk to someone professional.

Michael runs into Sam and tells her that Sonny wants Kristina out of DOD. Sam feels that it's too dangerous to send Jason in after her.

Alexis updates Sonny on Kristina's desire to end her familial relationships in order to be with DOD. Sonny tells her not to worry about it because he'll handle it. Alexis puts a call into Jordan.

Jason goes back to Shiloh and warns him to stay away from Danny. Shiloh says Sam has Danny's best interests at heart and to respect her wishes. Shiloh says Sam wants him in her life and they are getting closer.

Shiloh says he'll guide Danny down the peaceful path and reaches to touch Jason's arm. Jason shoves Shiloh up against the wall.