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Perkie's Observations: Anna Tries To Connect With Peter on General Hospital

Wes Ramsey, Finola Hughes

Wes Ramsey, Finola Hughes

Alexis leaves a message for Jordan to call her back, which does not sit well with Sonny. She says she's trying to protect Kristina and she won't let Sonny murder Shiloh. Sonny says all he wants is Kristina out of DOD.

Jason shoves Shiloh up against the wall then forces himself to stop. Sam arrives in time to scream out Jason's name and wring her hands. The Kelly's waitress is horrified at Jason's rage and calls the police.

Dante's surprised with a welcome home party from Lulu. Jordan tells him to come back to work when he's ready (which really means, get your butt back there by Monday!). Maxie's thrilled that Dante is back, and asks him and Lulu to be James' godparents.

Michael updates Dante on Kristina's cult and how she's being brainwashed. Olivia tells Dante that she's super proud of him.

Peter comes across Anna and is upset that Griffin left town without a proper goodbye. She feels she should have been there for Griffin and she took him for granted. Peter feels Griffin is the son Anna wanted.

Anna says she never used Griffin as a replacement and she's the one who has tried to build a relationship with Peter. Peter claims they've never bonded because she sees Faison when she looks at him.

Anna says she'll always want him in her life. She doesn't understand how Peter can forgive Liesl for kidnapping him or Valentin for giving him to Faison. Peter feels Anna wasn't a helpless teen when she gave him up and she could have kept him, but chose not to.

Anna says she gave him up to save him from Faison and Valentin is to blame for his upbringing. Anna wants them to start from scratch and make new memories together, but Peter is hesitant. Peter gets a text to meet Maxie at Charlie's. When Anna mentions she's going there, he offers to drive her.

Chase runs into Finn and tells him a little of what's happening with Willow. He explains that her ex wants her back and he's worried Willow won't let him be there for her. Finn says he understands and explains what Alex told him about not being able to keep up with Anna.

Jordan returns Alexis' call. Alexis says someone is targeting Shiloh and to keep and eye on things. Sonny tells her he has no intention of killing Shiloh since it will hurt Kristina.

Sonny says Kristina is like him because she will spiral until she hits rock bottom. He doesn't want to miss her cry for help. Alexis points out Kristina is an adult and even if they get her out, she'll do whatever she wants.

Chase gets to Kelly's. The waitress explains the altercation between Jason and Shiloh (love that JS was playing it like Chase didn't seem too sad that Shiloh had been roughed up!). Chase brings them all down to the station. When Jordan gets there, Chase tells her that something is off with Shiloh and wants to cut Jason loose.

Jordan however, remembers Alexis's call that Shiloh is a target and disagrees. She places Jason under arrest for assault.

After all the guests leave, Lulu wants more sexy time with Dante, who plans to join her in the bedroom. When Lulu leaves the room, Dante has his "complete the mission" thoughts and throws the table over (not sure how Lulu could not have heard that).

When Lulu gets to bed, Dante is already asleep. Lulu sees the scars on his back.