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Perkie's Observations: Dante Opens Up to Mike on General Hospital

Max Gail, Dominic Zamprogna

Max Gail, Dominic Zamprogna

Sam meets Shiloh at the hospital, where he's gotten stitches from Jason's attack. Kristina shows up and is angry at what Jason has done. Kristina rants that Jason is deadly and he's her father's enforcer who is paid to eliminate problems.

Kristina feels Jason could have killed Shiloh. Sam tells her what she's saying is inappropriate. Jason went after Shiloh because she left Danny with him. Kristina calms down and leaves. Shiloh asks Sam if Jason did try to kill him.

Sam claims if Jason wanted him dead, then Shiloh would be dead. She feels Jason overreacted and she doesn't want him to lose time with his sons. Sam reminds Shiloh that DOD teaches forgiveness.

Jordan questions Jason, who refuses to respond. Jordan points out that he never loses control. She wonders if Jason knows something about DOD that he's not saying. She says it's in his best interest to cooperate.

Dante and Mike reunite. Dante admits he was gone too long. He says the mission became an obsession, and bad things happened to him and to those he loves. Mike doesn't see any difference, but Dante says he's changed. Dante is afraid of what was done to him and what he might do because of it. Dante admits his mind is playing tricks on him, which Mike can understand.

Liz overhears one of Aiden's classmates talking about a birthday party. Liz questions Aiden about being invited, but he admits the child's parents didn't want him there. Liz decides to call the other child's parents to ask about the non invite. (Seriously Liz, not everyone is invited to everyone else's parties. Weird stand to take there, show.)

Chase questions whether Willow has changed her mind about leaving town, telling her he can protect her from Shiloh. Willow says she has to leave now for fear that he'll find out about the baby.

Willow explains that Shiloh and the other members would force secrets out of them and put pressure on them. Chase says she was brainwashed. Willow says she needs to go somewhere she can be anonymous.

Margaux tells Jordan she can prove assault in Shiloh's attack. Shiloh was unprovoked and could make a case of attempted murder against Jason. She believes Jason attacked out of jealousy.

Kristina pays Sonny a visit. She immediately gets defensive when Sonny shows some concern for her well being. Sonny questions why she's choosing DOD over her family. Kristina says she's been enlightened and DOD is her world.

Sonny says she's become a follower and that she's losing sight of what's real. Kristina says she's evolving and not to judge her life choices. Sonny says she's losing her identity and he won't allow it.

Kristina realizes that Sonny sent Jason to attack Shiloh and warns him he's not in control of her life. Sonny reminds her not to forget who he is.

Chase wants answers from Jason regarding Shiloh. He tells Jason if he finds anything about Shiloh to let him know. This way, Jason can help send Shiloh to prison.

Willow meets with Brad and Wylie. She says she's leaving town and wants one last visit with her "son". Brad allows her to hold Wylie for a few minutes. Willow spots the DOD pamphlet that Brad just received from Shiloh and questions him. He says he's thinking of taking the parenting seminar. Willow gets a little squirrelly. Brad demands the baby back (fully expected her to take off with the baby or return later to kidnap him).

Liz calls Willow to meet about Aiden's issues. Willow agrees and tears up the resignation letter. Chase sees her do it and is thrilled she's staying in town. 

Shiloh and Sam head to the station. Chase asks why Shiloh went to see Willow the day before. Shiloh admits he was asking her to return to DOD because she's greatly missed. He lays it on thick he's not giving up on convincing Willow to return to the fold. 

Margaux wants Shiloh to press charges, but he says he believes in forgiveness. Shiloh says Jason saw him with Danny, which is what angered him. He says he forgives Jason, so Margaux drops all charges. Margaux warns Jason that if something happens to Shiloh, he'll be her first suspect.