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Perkie's Observations: Anna Arranges for Dante to Skip Town on General Hospital

Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Willow says she'll be running forever if she leaves now. She decides to stay to prove that Shiloh has no power over her. She says she'll stand up and protect herself. Chase says he has her back if she needs it.

Nina wants Liz to put the bullying stuff behind her and make a new start. She tells Liz that Willow is leaving, which she's happy about. Nina feels the bullying would have been nipped in the bud sooner with a more experienced teacher. Liz is confused since she's supposed to be meeting with Willow now.

Valentin and Charlotte stop by Lulu's with a gift for Dante. Valentin mentions that he wants to switch Charlotte to a more advanced class. He feels she's bored where she is. Lulu feels Charlotte is too young to be pushed to a higher achieving class, but agrees to look over the material.

Dante runs into Carly at Metro Court. He congratulates her on the new baby and getting it right with a new life. Jason shows up. The bartender drops a tray of glasses while Jason's chatting with Carly. This triggers Dante, who grabs a knife. Jason is forced to take it from him. Dante snaps out of it and apologizes, claiming he is not acclimated to regular life yet.

Carly asks Jason about his arrest. He explains what happened with Shiloh. He attacked so Shiloh would know how easy it is for Jason to make him disappear.

Oscar's being released from the hospital. Cam stops by. Joss and Oscar tell him the bad news about Oscar having weeks to live.

Kim and Drew meet with Monica, who is up to date on Oscar's condition. She tells them they have to prepare Oscar for the end and asks about palliative care. Monica offers to have Kim and Oscar stay at the mansion.

Anna still wonders if Alex double crossed her and if one memory is the only one that belongs to Alex. Anna meets with Robert and asks for his help on finding out more information on the Boris mission. She doesn't fully believe what Alex told her and wants to know the truth.

Robert tells Finn that Anna is emotionally damaged and will never ask for a commitment from him. He says Anna will push him away and to beat her to it. Finn thinks Robert is telling him to dump Anna. Robert tells him to put his heart on the line and tell Anna how he feels.

Willow arrives for her meeting with Liz. Liz asks about her plans to move away, but Willow says she's changed her mind and is staying after all. Liz tells her that Aiden was the only child not invited to the birthday party. She feels that he was singled out because of his gender identity. Willow offers to monitor things from her end.

Willow offers the olive branch to Nina and Valentin, telling them that she's staying and she wants to start fresh. Valentin says she has clear bias against them. Nina refuses to budge and warns that Willow's days are numbered.

Chase stops by to see Lulu, who tells him about Valentin's plans. Lulu wants Charlotte to be a normal child, but also doesn't want to stand in her way. Chase reminds her that Dante is home now to help with these issues.

Dante calls Anna to meet him and explains what happened at Metro Court. He believes he's been brainwashed. Anna explains she was brainwashed early in her career and that there was a trigger phrase.

Dante says he remembers bit and pieces and he thinks he's supposed to kill someone, but doesn't know what the trigger is. He explains the dream he's been having and he needs to get things under control. Anna says he needs to address it and be treated by experts. She says there is a clinic in Wales that will give him the tools to be set free. Anna says she can make the arrangements for him, but he has to leave now.

Dante goes home and tells Lulu that he needs to leave.