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Perkie's Observations: Carly Stans for Laura and Kevin on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis, Laura Wright

Dante says he has to leave and he should never have come back. He claims he doesn't feel like himself and needs to leave in order to fix things. Lulu doesn't understand (neither do I, what terrible writing for their last scenes together).

Lulu thinks he has PTSD. She thinks he should stay and take care of it here. Dante's worried he'll hurt someone and he isn't the man he was. Dante says he has to go through the proper channels and he will leave later tonight.

Lulu begs him not to abandon her and the kids, but he says there is something broken inside and he needs to fix it (why are the scars on his back or the overturned table not mentioned?).

Maxie's gotten the call that the DNA results are in so she and Peter discuss it in the middle of the hospital hallway. Liesl overhears and asks who she's running a test on. Maxie claims it's on herself to see if she carries the gene for premature graying.

Valentin sets up a dinner for Nina with Liesl to get over the animosity and start over. Sasha shows and tells Nina that she wants to tell her the truth about herself. Nina says all that matters is that Sasha is her daughter and she doesn't care about whatever skeletons are in her closet.

Liesl tells Valentin that Maxie did a DNA test on Nina and Sasha, and that he'll lose Nina when the truth comes out.

Jordan updates Carly that Ryan has not been found and she's to take every precaution.

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The Webbers are at the courthouse for Cam's hearing on missing his community service while he was in Niagara Falls. Judge Carson wants a reason not to punish Cam to the fullest extent. Cam says he planned on being back in time, but a dead car and a sick friend held him back.

Cam promises to make better decisions. The judge agrees to let him off, but says he'll have to serve his full sentence and give up his driver's license until it's over. Liz meets Trina, who showed up to support Cam. Liz tells Franco it might be time for 'the talk' with Cam.

Laura stops by the PCPD to talk to Kevin before his arraignment. She wants to be there for him, but he tells her not to because it won't be good for her political career. Kevin thinks she should file for a divorce.

Ava gets another phone call from an unknown person, so she and Julian head to the station. They tell Jordan and Curtis that Ava believes the calls are coming from a not dead Ryan. Jordan says she'll go through the proper channels to get a trace on the calls. Julian hands Curtis the phone and asks him to get through the red tape.

Curtis checks with his source He says Ryan isn't the one making the calls, but it's simply telemarketers. (Me thinks Curtis will be wrong about that). Ava tells Julian she'll only relax once she knows Ryan is dead for certain. Ava knows Ryan will come back for her and says she'll be ready when he does.

Maxie admits to Nina that she did a DNA test on her and Sasha.  She has the results (obviously Valentin had the test changed again).

Laura talks to Carly about possibly divorcing Kevin. Carly tells her about being pregnant, which made things worse when Ryan attacked her. Carly admits that Kevin's choices were awful, but says he's worth fighting for. She says she doesn't regret standing by Sonny.

Lulu wonders what happens if the treatment doesn't work. Dante tells her to be happy and live her life. Lulu says she's not giving up on him and will wait forever. Dante leaves. (I adore DZ, but what a terrible story arc this was.)