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Perkie's Observations: General Hospital Celebrates 56 Years

Kin Shriner, Jacklyn Zeman

Kin Shriner, Jacklyn Zeman

General Hospital celebrates their 56th anniversary . . .

Alexis gathers everyone at the hospital to honor Gail's final wishes. Everyone includes Scott, Franco, Liz, Laura, Lesley, Bobbie, Monica, Kevin, Lucy, Maxie, Mac, Felicia, Sonny, Carly (heaven forbid we should exclude them) and Julian (why?)

Alexis reads the note that says each of them have received a piece of the original blueprint of the hospital and they are to go to that location and find an envelope with their name on it. They are then to return it to her, like a treasure hunt of sorts.

Lesley and Monica find their envelope in the locker room. Bobbie and Felicia find theirs on the wall of photos. The two reminisce about B.J.

Scott and Laura discuss their history. Franco apologizes to Scott for working undercover with Jordan. Scott says he'll never turn his back on Franco.

Julian questions why he's involved. Alexis admits she spoke to Gail in previous years about them and figures she was matchmaking. (Seems like a weak excuse to have Julian there, considering he's still with Kim).

Lucy and Monica discuss Alan and how Monica was always his queen. Sonny and Laura hang out in the chapel discussing their past. Laura believes Sonny is a good guy in bad guy's clothing. Sonny thanks her for shining a light on mental health.

Maxie thanks Mac for being her father. Mac says he never regretted the role.

Liz tells Bobbie she's the reason she went into nursing. Liz mentions Bobbie's care the night she was raped. Later, Liz thanks Epiphany for her role in mentoring her.

Carly tells Bobbie that she's pregnant and needs to be stress free. Bobbie tells her not to live her life in fear.

Scott and Bobbie share a moment and a hug. Lucy tells Kevin she'll always stand by him. Kevin says he loves Laura, but doesn't regret his time with Lucy.

Everyone heads back to the nurse's desk with their envelopes. What they find inside is . . . confetti.

Alexis reads the note from Gail that says they need to carry it forward and do amazing things.

Scott unveils the photo of Gail on the memorial wall as we get flashbacks from the past.

Happy anniversary General Hospital!