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Perkie's Observations: Laura Talks Lulu Off a Cliff on General Hospital

Emme Rylan, Genie Francis

Emme Rylan, Genie Francis

Oscar gives Joss a watch. He tells her 11:11 is a special time of day when those that have passed come back to you in thought. The two share a dance until Oscar suddenly collapses.

Carly's at the hospital discussing her high risk pregnancy with Epiphany. Carly needs a genetic test done to check for birth defects, but doesn't want to go through with it. She's worried it will be bad news, which her family can't handle right now. Pif calls her a coward and Carly realizes she needs to take the test.

Curtis talks to Drew about Jordan and how they're coping with her dialysis. Drew brings up how Oscar needs to have an end of life discussion with him.

Kim tells Julian they're moving into the Quartermaine mansion so Oscar can be close to his family in the end. She's upset she needs to discuss end of life issues with Oscar. Julian promises to be there for her.

Jordan tells Lulu she's spoken to both the WSB and Anna, and Dante is being treated in an unspecified location. Lulu's upset she doesn't know when or if he'll come back. Lulu asks about Ryan. Jordan says everyone else has suspended the search, but she hasn't. Jordan promises she'll find him.

Kevin stops by to see Laura to thank her for posting his bail. She says she did it because she knows he's not a threat to society and it would be cruel to keep him locked up. Laura wants to know why he never confided in her about Ryan. Kevin says she would have forced him to turn Ryan in and he thought he could cure his brother. Laura says she hasn't signed the divorce papers yet.

Lulu shows up and is freaked out, thinking Kevin is Ryan. Laura calms her down and Kevin leaves. Lulu tells her mother Dante left and she still hasn't recovered from her own attack. Lulu cries and says she doesn't feel like herself, and doesn't know what to do about it.

Ava dreams that Ryan is choking her, so when she wakes up she calls a security system to have her place revamped. Julian stops by and thinks she's going overboard. Ava says she believes Ryan is still alive and he's coming after her. Ava says she's going to kill him slowly and painfully so he can suffer. Julian says he's moving in.

Stella talks to Curtis and Jordan about her insurance. Apparently, if Jordan does her dialysis at Mercy she'll be covered, but not if she stays with General. Curtis wants Stella to pull some strings since Jordan would rather stay with the people she knows. (I had a hard time following this one, as a Canadian I don't understand American insurance and what not, my apologies!)

Kevin's not able to get into his office and asks Epiphany about a key. Pif tells him the board suspended his practice. She says Kevin doesn't belong at GH anymore.

Oscar is taken to the hospital. He's in a coma and on a respirator. Terry tells Drew and Kim the tumor has grown and he's not responding to the meds. She won't know the extent of the damage until Oscar has a scan. Terry warns them Oscar may not wake up and if he does he may not be the same.

Josslyn calls Carly to meet her at the hospital. She tells her mother what happened on the bridge. Josslyn is upset because she thought they had more time.

Jordan gets a call and heads over to Ava's to tell her that Ryan has been found.