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Perkie's Observations: Ava's Not Thrilled About Ryan's Status on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

Laura decides Lulu needs a break and it's hard to do it here, where there are so many reminders. Lulu agrees that she doesn't want to be the butt of the gossip about her marriage. Laura offers Lulu her place in Paris. Lulu figures she can bring Rocco, but knows Valentin won't let her take Charlotte.

Jordan tells Ava that Ryan's right hand was found. Ava knows that Ryan is left handed and figures he cut his own hand off to throw everyone off the scent. Julian figures that means Ryan is dead, but Jordan says they're testing the hand to see if it was cut after his death or not.

Jordan says the RCMP have closed the case and there is only so much she can do. After Jordan leaves, Ava continues to worry, despite Julian's assurance that Ryan won't come back to PC. Ava wants him to be alive so she can kill him for Kiki. Ava's upset that her last words to Kiki were in anger and she wants Ryan to pay with his own life.

Finn and Chase hang out at the gym and discuss their love lives. Finn shows Chase an engagement ring he bought for Anna. Chase is thrilled for his brother.

Maxie tells Anna that Lulu is devastated about Dante leaving again. Anna tells her to be there for Lulu. Anna asks how things are with Peter. Maxie says there is nothing going on with Peter because he's not into her. Anna tells her to tell Peter how she feels.

Valentin and Nina meet with Willow and the school principal. The principal brings in a union rep to protect Willow's rights. Willow apologizes for her behavior and wants them to move forward.

Petty Nina refuses Willow's apology and claims she's biased against Charlotte. Valentin accuses Willow of alleging that Charlotte cheated on a test. Valentin believes Willow is targeting Charlotte and will make things worse going forward.

Nina wants Willow fired. The union rep says that's not happening, especially since Willow has an unblemished record. The principal says Charlotte is thriving and can't be pulled out of her class mid-term. After ValNina leave, the principal warns Willow to be more unbiased.

Chet and Peter shoot the breeze. Chet asks if he stands a chance with Maxie, which catches Peter by surprise. He says he didn't know Chet was interested. Chet says he and Maxie are friends and it's only been a year since Nathan's death. Peter tells Chet to go ahead and ask.

Lucy finds Kevin getting frustrated when he can't access his bank accounts or email thanks to Ryan. Lucy offers her support, saying he's not responsible for what Ryan did. Kevin mentions he was suspended from the hospital, which he knew was coming. He also mentions how Laura paid his bail, but wants nothing to do with him.

Anna asks Peter about his feelings for Maxie. He says she's been a good friend, but doesn't have feelings for him. Anna tells him to talk to Maxie about his feelings for her.

Chet asks Maxie if she'd like to go out sometime.

Lulu meets with Nina and Valentin to tell them that she's leaving for awhile, but Laura will be filling in for her with Charlotte.

Jordan tells Laura about Ryan's hand and now it's up to the DA to decide whether or not to close the case. Jordan says Margaux is happy trying Kevin for his part in it and may not be interested in keeping things open for Ryan.

Ava calls Laura to discuss the case and what they're going to do about it.

Maxie tells Peter that Chet asked her out, but says she turned him down because she has feelings for someone else.