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Perkie's Observations: A Trio Plots to Draw Out Ryan on General Hospital

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Felicia Scorpio, Ava Jerome,General Hospital

Kristina Wagner, Maura West, Genie Francis

Sonny summons Neil to discuss his expertise in exit therapy. He explains to Neil about Kristina and how he wants help once he gets her out of the cult. Sonny says he's taking steps to remove Kristina, so Neil asks if he's doing it by force.

Neil says he won't be part of a kidnapping. Sonny continues to push that he needs Neil's help with the exit therapy. Neil feels he's not the right person for the job, but Sonny insists he has the skills to help her. Sonny also insists that Neil help him with Kristina, so he finally agrees.

Michael runs into Willow and Chase, and tells them Kristina is getting deeper into DOD. Willow says Kristina is in trouble and explains she was a member until she came to her senses. Willow explains that Shiloh ensures their loyalty and initiates them, then there is no turning back.

Harmony tells Shiloh that everything is ready for the ceremony. Shiloh tells her he found Willow. The two discuss Kristina and how she'll be a valuable addition. Sam snoops around in the attic and almost gets caught. She overhears Harmony and Shiloh discuss Kristina's initiation.

Jordan gets lightheaded after a dialysis treatment, but explains to Curtis it's because she was arguing on the phone with Margaux. Jordan says Margaux has closed Ryan's case and she's upset about it.

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Jordan wants Curtis to go to Niagara Falls to see if he can find traces of Ryan. Curtis feels he can't go because he needs to be here with her.

Michael, Jason, and Sam update each other on what they've discovered. Sam says the initiation is at midnight. Michael says the last step will be for Kristina to have sex with Shiloh. He wants to go in and get her out. Jason says he'll do it. He wants Michael to establish an alibi so he can be there for Kristina after.

Kristina is ready for the initiation. Shiloh says she'll have some time for reflection and it will be the last point to turn back. Kristina says she's absolutely certain she wants to do this. Shiloh says she'll bond with the others like a sisterhood, and he'll have his time with her after. Shiloh has Kristina sign a form about her taped confession,

Ava meets with Felicia and Laura to discuss the problem they have in common. Felicia and Ava believe Ryan is still alive, and will come back for Ava. Laura's not so sure. Ava believes Ryan cut his own hand to throw them off and is hiding until the time is right. Felicia agrees and says Ava needs to be ready for his return.

Felicia wants to lure Ryan back on their timeline so they can be prepared for him. She wants to use Ava as bait. Felicia says if Ava pretends to date someone else, Ryan's pride will kick in and he'll get super jealous.

Laura points out that Ava will be risking her life, as well as the man they choose to flaunt as her new relationship. Felicia counters that Ryan needs to be stopped. Ava says she's ready for him.

Jordan gets the lab results that Ryan was alive when his hand was cut off.