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Perkie's Observations: Anna Questions Robin's Maternity on General Hospital

Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Kristina wishes Shiloh would be with her during the initiation ceremony, but he says she needs to bond with the sisterhood and he'll be there afterwards. Harmony arrives with a drink to calm Kristina's nerves. Kristina drinks it, then Shiloh has her lie down for her reflection time.

Sam tells Jason she needs to keep Shiloh occupied elsewhere to give him a chance to get Kristina out. She calls Shiloh and has him meet her at the Rib.

Alexis stops by Sonny's and asks point blank if he's planning on kidnapping Kristina. She says it will make things worse and her therapist said to let Kristina come to the decision on her own.

Sonny feels they need to get Kristina out. (He feels extra strong about it since he said that same sentence 5 times in the course of the episode. I guess it makes it easier to remember your lines if you just have the same one over and over). He wants to pull Kristina out and deal with the fallout later.

Anna worries if the Boris memory wasn't the one that belonged to Alex, then maybe Robin's existence is the one. Anna explains her early years with Robin. Anna thinks Alex gave her the child to raise as her own. Finn wonders what Alex's motive would have been.

Anna says Alex is now leaving clues and trying to blow up her relationship with Robin. Finn asks if it would change anything, but Anna says she'll love Robin no matter what. Anna's worried this news would break Robin's heart.

Peter and Maxie head to her apartment. They talk about the year that's gone by, then share a kiss. Just as things are getting hot and heavy, James starts crying. While Maxie is taking care of him, Peter spots a photo of Maxie and Nathan on the mantle.

When Maxie returns, Peter puts on the brakes saying she's trying to rush things to convince herself she's ready. Maxie promises she'll be ready one day. Peter tells her to take all the time she needs as he'll be waiting for her.

Willow and Chase head to his apartment where they share a bottle of wine, then make love.

Shiloh meets Sam at the Rib, where she pretends to be drunk and obsessed with Jason (so basically, a Wednesday). She manages to keep him occupied.

Sonny finally admits to Alexis that Jason's getting Kristina out of DOD tonight.

Kristina drinks more of the calming juice and passes out. Jason lets himself into the house and into the attic, where he finds her passed out. Jason gets Kristina out of the house.