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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Isn't Thrilled About Her Kidnapping on General Hospital

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Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi Ainsworth

Kristina wakes up in Sonny's safe house with Jason as her babysitter. He says he took her out of a bad place. Kristina quickly realizes she's been kidnapped. She screams at Jason that Shiloh had chosen her as the honored one.

Kristina claims Jason violated her rights because he's jealous of Shiloh. She says Jason's known her whole life. Jason counters she should know he'll do everything to keep her safe.

Harmony believes Kristina left on her own because she wasn't as devoted to the process, but Shiloh disagrees. Sam shows up for a session with Shiloh. Harmony asks if she's seen Kristina and Sam says she hasn't. Sam wonders what's wrong, but Shiloh says he must have gotten his wires crossed with Kristina. He's worried that she hasn't checked in. Sam lays it on thick that Kristina is a bit of a flake and isn't known for listening to rules.

Julian gets a text from Kristina's phone (courtesy of Jason) that she's not coming into work. Molly shows up at the pub looking for Kristina and wonders where she could be.

Molly shows up at the DOD house looking for Kristina, and accuses Shiloh of running a cult and brainwashing her sister. Shiloh denies it and says Kristina isn't there. Sam tells Molly she's there for a session, which causes Molly to lose her ish while screaming at Sam.

Oscar wakes up from his latest seizure. Terry runs a few tests. Josslyn is thrilled. She tells Carly it means they still have time and it's not over yet.

Monica joins Terry as she updates Kim and Drew that Oscar's last seizure compromised his mobility. She says he'll have trouble walking and will have more seizures. She says there is nothing further she can do.

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Monica reminds them they can move into the mansion for the final days. Drew says they'll discuss it with Oscar and make a decision about his end of life care. Kim and Drew tell Oscar he's nearing the end.

Julian consoles Kim, while Monica and Drew console each other. Josslyn sits with Oscar.

Willow and Chase wake up in the afterglow of the morning after only to be interrupted by Michael. He wants to discuss the options they have against Shiloh. Chase says there is no evidence of anything on Shiloh, so they'll have to find a different way to get him.

Michael thinks Willow should wire up and meet with Shiloh, but she says he's too smart to incriminate himself. Chase doesn't want Willow anywhere near Shiloh. Michael thinks Willow should talk to Kristina because she will accept the truth from her.

Willow worries that Shiloh will come after her. Michael says he can protect her as can Sonny. (Hey, let's ask Lulu how well Sonny protects people).

Sonny shows up at the safe house. Kristina begs him to take her back. Sonny says she's not going back because Shiloh is a predator and using her. Kristina says he's breaking the law by keeping her and she'll tell Alexis.

Alexis appears and Kristina realizes she was in on the plan as well. Kristina says she'll press charges and have her mother disbarred. Neil arrives, which surprises Alexis. She wasn't aware that he was the therapist Sonny hired.

Kristina storms off. Neil tells Alexis and Sonny if she goes back to DOD, they'll never see her again. Alexis starts having second thoughts, saying Sonny shouldn't have kidnapped Kristina. Neil warns them that for this to work, they need to show a united front.

Harmony tells Shiloh that she can't find the drinking cup Kristina was using. Shiloh insists the cup is too valuable to lose and to check for it again. As it turns out, Jason has it.