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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Gets a Reprieve on General Hospital

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Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Laura finds Finn and asks if it's possible if Ryan survived the severed hand. Finn says it's not his area of expertise, but Ryan would have had to get immediate medical attention to not bleed to death.

Anna wants to reminisce with Robert until he figures out there's a reason for it. He wants to know what she's so scared of. Anna tells him she now believes Alex is Robin's mother.

Anna tells Robert he can't prove it was her and not Alex on the first mission they worked together that resulted in Robin. She says DNA can't prove anything since they're identical twins. Robert's insulted. (As am I. Also, I'm not sure that it should matter since she raised Robin.)

Anna believes Alex impersonated her on the mission, slept with Robert, had Robin, then had the memory transferred to Anna. Robert thinks Anna is punishing herself because she never forgave herself for becoming a double agent.

Robert tells Anna not to rewrite history and trash the most important thing in his life. As Finn arrives, Anna says she needs to know the truth and Robert tells her to keep him out of it.

Maxie and Peter invite Sasha to lunch to apologize for their shenanigans. Sasha accepts, understanding that they did it to protect Nina.

Curtis and Nina talk about the need for Jordan to have a transplant. Nina tells him about Maxie's DNA scheme.

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Spencer's in town and runs into Valentin. He says he believes Valentin and Sasha are in cahoots. Valentin counters that Charlotte told him about Spencer's election tampering. Spencer says he never told Charlotte anything. Valentin claims he can make an anonymous call to the FBI and Spencer would be in trouble.

Ava overhears Margaux and Jordan discussing Ryan's case. Margaux's adamant the case is closed. When she leaves, Ava confronts Jordan. Jordan says she has no resources to keep the case open, but will reopen it if she finds evidence that Ryan is alive. Ava says she won't wait until there is another victim, which makes Jordan question her plans. Jordan warns Ava not to break any laws and mess up her investigation.

Nora calls an emergency hearing. She wants the judge to drop the charges against Kevin. Nora says Kevin was charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive, but Ryan isn't a fugitive since he's been declared dead.

Margaux says Kevin knew what Ryan was capable of and concealed his identity, allowing Ryan to kill three people. Margaux feels Kevin has a moral obligation. Nora counters that Kevin committed no crime. Judge Chua feels Kevin lacked judgement, but there is no legal precedent. She agrees with Nora and drops all charges against Kevin.

Laura is furious when she finds Valentin with Spencer. She warns him never to approach Nikolas' son. She wants to discuss Charlotte's schedule, but Valentin says her name is not on the custody agreement. He feels Lulu's vacation means he gets full custody. He will allow Charlotte to decide if she wants to spend time with her grandmother.

Maxie apologizes to Nina again for interfering. She explains she was trying to protect her. Nina's not interested until Sasha arrives to plead Maxie's case. Nina and Maxie share a hug.

Peter apologizes to Valentin, who claims he'd never hurt Nina.

Kevin runs into Laura and tells her he's going to appeal the hospital board's decision to suspend him. He tells her the charges were dropped, which Laura is happy to hear. Laura asks if he thinks it's possible that Ryan is alive. Kevin agrees it's possible.

Someone watches Ava at the pub.