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Perkie's Observations: Shiloh Outmaneuvers Jason on General Hospital

Parry Shen, Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Parry Shen, Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Valentin tells Nora that Lulu left the country without notice. Nora says Lulu deserved a vacation after what happened to her, but Valentin wants to amend the custody agreement. Valentin says Laura has no legal standing and Nora's to inform the court he wants legal and physical custody.

Jason heads to the hospital. He brings the cup to Liz and asks her to test it for drugs. Jason then runs into Michael and Carly. He updates them on Kristina's extraction. Carly says Kristina will need family around. Michael says Kristina will try to get back to Shiloh.

Carly thinks Shiloh should disappear, though Jason says Sam and Sonny will make the decision. He believes Kristina will break down if something happens to Shiloh and prefers he be sent to prison. Carly updates Jason about Oscar's condition and how she's worried for Josslyn.

Sam returns to DOD to let Shiloh know that no one has seen Kristina, including Sonny, and she's starting to worry. Shiloh promises they'll find her together. Sam wants to call police, but Shiloh says Kristina has to be missing for 24 hours before they'll do anything.

Sam asks if she can search Kristina's room to look for clues. At first, Shiloh wants to respect Kristina's privacy, but Sam pushes. When Daisy arrives, Shiloh has her check the room with Sam.

Daisy's surprised that Kristina left since it's an honor to be part of the trust and Kristina knew the consequences. Sam asks if Shiloh would shun Kristina, but Daisy denies it since Kristina is so important to him.

Willow overhears when Brad tells Lucas that the DOD classes are energizing him and maybe they can take Wylie to a family seminar.

Nina finds Spencer waiting for her in her office. He tells Nina to put Valentin on a leash. Nina warns Spencer to stop making Valentin his enemy. Spencer tells Nina that Valentin is cutting Laura out of Charlotte's life. Nina doesn't believe it. Valentin overhears as Spencer says Valentin is blackmailing him.

Spencer mentions that Valentin has secrets with Sasha. Valentin interrupts saying Spencer likes to talk about people. He calls Nora and tells her not to change the custody agreement. After Spencer leaves, Nina asks Valentin if something is going on with Sasha, but Valentin denies it.

Cameron gets into a fight at school. Franco is called in to talk to the principal. The two head to the hospital to have Cameron checked out and to let Liz know that he's been suspended.

Liz wants to know what happened, but Cameron says it would only hurt her. Liz insists, so Cameron says older kids called Aiden "little fairy boy". Liz says Cameron knows better than to fight. Cameron says Aiden is just a kid and isn't like that. Liz counters that while Aiden is different, they aren't going to label him, but love and support him.

Cameron says Aiden should be less gay. Franco says they need to support Aiden. Liz accuses Cameron of being upset on his own behalf rather than Aiden's.

Shiloh runs into Brad at the hospital and the two make small talk about the sessions. Shiloh spots Brad holding the cup and asks about it. Brad says he was given the cup to test for drugs. Shiloh admits the cup is his and blames Jason for trying to discredit him. He convinces Brad to say there was nothing wrong with the cup.

Shiloh heads back to the house and tells Sam he thinks Jason kidnapped Kristina.

Brad gives the cup back to Jason and says there were no drugs.

Willow calls Michael to meet her and says she's willing to talk to Kristina, but it has to be nowhere near Shiloh or the DOD house. Michael admits that they got Kristina out and she's with family. Willow says Shiloh won't let her go easily.

Willow says Shiloh didn't force her to have sex, but everyone felt it was an honor, including her mother (hhmm Harmony perhaps?). Willow says Shiloh was the first and only person she's been with. Michael figures out that Shiloh is the baby daddy. Willow admits to Michael that her baby didn't die.