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Perkie's Observations: Willow Agrees to Help Michael on General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen

Katelyn MacMullen

Willow tells Michael the truth that her baby didn't die, but was given up for adoption. It's the reason she was at the grief sessions. She says the baby is in town being raised by a good family, but she regrets giving him up.

Michael understands she gave up the baby to protect him from Shiloh.

Willow says she wants to help Kristina and mentions she has to offer a pledge before the trust ceremony. She explains it's a secret that Shiloh can hold over their heads.

Willow says the secret could destroy them or someone she loves. Willow offers to help him with Kristina. Michael admits they might have hypothetically kidnapped Kristina and doesn't want her caught in the middle.

Shiloh tells Sam he has proof that Jason grabbed Kristina and Sonny's behind it. Sam plays along and says they should call the police, but Shiloh says nothing would hold up in court.

Shiloh wants Sam to look into this because she has the right skill set to get Jason to reveal Kristina's location. Sam pretends shock that he, the son of a conned man, would want her to con someone. Shiloh says he doesn't care about her past with his father and sees her as a truth seeker. Shiloh wants her to investigate and find out Kristina.

Brad's booking a session on the DOD website when Jason shows up to ask about the cup. Brad reiterates there were no drugs found. Jason spots the DOD information and asks if Brad is part of DOD. Brad admits he's taken a few seminars on parenting.

Chase shows up to congratulate Finn on his engagement to Anna, only to be told that it didn't happen because Anna was distracted. Finn mentions she's concerned about something in her past.

Chase talks about Willow. He explains that she has someone in her past who's refusing to let go. Chase opens the bottle of champagne anyway and mentions how the brothers have come a long way in the past year.

Franco pays Nina a visit to discuss their stepchildren. He says others are now following Charlotte's lead and bullying Aiden. Nina says Charlotte was reprimanded by everyone and has apologized.

Franco says the kids are making fun of Aiden for being different. Nina says Aiden should ride things out until the end of the school year, which does not sit well with Franco. He tells Nina to convince Charlotte to be Aiden's friend. Franco feels that Charlotte has sway with the other kids.

Lucas sees that Liz is distracted, so she explains the latest with Aiden and Cameron. Liz now sees that Cameron was trying to protect his brother and feels badly that she went off on him. Lucas reassures her and tells her that Aiden knows he's not alone in this.

Margaux runs into Sonny and makes small talk about criminals and the justice system. Sonny tells her to reopen Ryan's case and find him. He feels Ryan's victims deserve justice. Jason shows up. Margaux snarks at him about roughing up Shiloh and warns him against doing it again. After she leaves, Sonny mentions that Margaux quoted a passage from the DOD book and realizes that she's a follower. Sonny's worried that this makes her dangerous.

Jason brings up the cup and how Brad said there was nothing in it, but that he also is a member. Sonny decides to have Brick test the cup.

Michael updates Jason and Sonny about the secret Kristina was forced to tell to join the trust. He says it could be a problem for Sonny.