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Perkie's Observations: Neil Assures Alexis on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn, Joe Flanigan

Nancy Lee Grahn, Joe Flanigan

Alexis confronts Neil about going behind her back and working with Sonny. Neil says he didn't know that she and Sonny shared a daughter, but they need to air this out so they can present a united front.

Alexis asks if Neil has personal experience with cults, but he tells her that she needs to respect his personal boundaries. Neil says he has professional insight to guide them through this.

Sonny worries that Shiloh now has something he can leverage. Jason says Kristina knows nothing about the business, but Michael admits that all the kids are aware of Sonny's business. Jason is certain that Kristina has no proof since Spinelli encrypted all the files. Jason thinks Sonny should ask Kristina about the pledge, but Sonny thinks Sam needs to find it.

Jason says he can go back into the house to find the pledge, but Sonny is worried that Jason will be caught and Margaux will prosecute him. He feels Sam is in a better position though Jason is worried if Sam gets caught.

Shiloh wants to help Sam look for Kristina, despite Sam's assertions that she can do this alone. The two head to the pub so Sam can check with Julian. Julian tells her that Kristina has not shown up and is in danger of losing her job.

Anna hasn't found out any new information, but admits it wouldn't make her love Robin any less. Finn wonders if Robin even needs to know. Anna says she can't keep secrets. Finn mentions there are advances in DNA testing. He explains they would need samples from all parties, but Anna wonders if she won't get them from Alex. Later, Anna finds a bracelet and declares to Finn that it's proof she's Robin's mother.

Carly finds Josslyn writing a song for her and Oscar to perform at the Nurses Ball. Josslyn hopes they'll be able to perform it. Carly says it's good to give Oscar a goal.

Olivia and Ned are preparing the Quartermaine mansion for the arrival of Oscar and Kim. Olivia's upset, but determined to treat them like royalty for as long as they can.

Oscar, Kim and Drew arrive. When his parents are out of the room, Oscar asks Ned and Olivia to plan his funeral. They think it should involve Kim and Drew, but Oscar says they'll be too upset to deal with it. Oscar asks for a memorial without tears so Ned and Olivia agree to follow his instructions.

Jason checks in with Carly. He tells her about Oscar moving into the mansion and Josslyn's pain. Carly says can't shield Josslyn from the pain coming their way. Jason reassures her she'll help Josslyn through it.

Josslyn shows Oscar the song she's started writing for the ball. Oscar says she'll need to perform it with someone else, but Josslyn refuses. Michael offers his support to both Drew and Kim.

Alexis runs into Shiloh and Sam at the pub. Sam says she's worried since no one has seen Kristina since yesterday. Alexis says she's spoken to Kristina, who got cold feet and decided to take some time to clear her head. Shiloh wants to hear from Kristina directly, but Alexis claims not to know where she is, but is safe.

Alexis tells Julian that Kristina is on a leave of absence and asks him not to fire her. Julian mentions giving her the money as a loan. He thought he was doing Kristina a favor. Alexis is not happy and gives him a check for the money back.

Sam updates Jason on what Alexis told them and how Shiloh seemed to believe it. Jason wonders if she can find the pledge.

Sonny tells Neil that Shiloh might have leverage against him and talks about the pledge. He wants to talk to Kristina, but Neil discourages this. He says right now Sonny needs to listen to Kristina otherwise she'll feel betrayed. He says it could destroy her forever.