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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Tries to Corner Valentin on General Hospital

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Kathleen Gati

Kathleen Gati

Nina worries again that Liesl is blackmailing Valentin. He tells her that while Liesl has leverage over him, she won't turn Nina in for drugging Cassandra.

Maxie and Peter run into Liesl and wonder where she's been. Liesl says she didn't want to watch Nina get upset when she learned that Sasha wasn't her daughter. Maxie says the DNA came back positive and Sasha is Nina's daughter, which surprises Liesl.

Michael runs into Sasha at the gym and the two spar together. After, Michael asks why Sasha ran from him that day at the Rib. Sasha says she hasn't always been honest in her life and knows Michael is looking for that. Michael reverts to grade ten English class and asks if it's possible hypothetically, for Sasha to like him, like him. (Oy vey with this man child). Sasha says she just wants to be friends and Michael agrees to that. They head to her hotel room and have sex.

Liz tells Laura that Franco arranged a playdate for the kids and wishes he had discussed it with her first. Laura counters that she wishes Kevin would have told her the truth about Ryan. Liz says Kevin wasn't malicious and others have been forgiven for far worse. (Yeah, like Franco, Sonny, Jason, Franco, and did I mention Franco?)

Laura admits she doesn't know how to go forward, but she hasn't signed the divorce papers. She says she still loves Kevin. Liz says she has to see Kevin for the man at his core.

Jordan tells Franco that the PCPD wants to acknowledge his help in taking down Ryan. Franco's not interested since she essentially blackmailed him into it. Jordan says he did a great service and wants him to officially be recognized.

Kevin's moving out of his office at the hospital. Franco asks if he's opening shop elsewhere. Kevin apologizes for failing Franco, but offers to treat him if Franco wants him to.

Ava hears someone in the hall near her apartment and thinks it's Ryan, so she pulls her gun. It turns out to be Curtis. Julian hired him to keep an eye on her and protect her. He says she's Ryan's number one target and he can give her peace of mind.

Ava says she's prepared to protect herself, but Curtis says it's not a good idea for her to go vigilante on Ryan. Ava doesn't need Curtis, but he says he was there when she saw Kiki dead on the Haunted Star and wants to help her. Ava gets angry and tells him to leave.

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Maxie wonders what Liesl is holding over Valentin's head if it isn't Sasha's maternity. Peter tells her to stop trying to find dirt on Valentin because he makes Nina happy. Maxie says she's waiting for the other shoe to drop and wonders how Peter can be so forgiving to Valentin but not to Anna.

Peter believes Valentin regretted bringing him to Faison and wants to leave the past in the past. (Well, the past with Valentin can stay there, but the past with Anna, he'll bring that sucker up anytime he wants. Shut up Peter.) He says he wants to move forward with Maxie.

Liesl interrupts Nina and Valentin's dinner. When Nina storms off, Liesl questions why she's so hostile. Valentin reminds Liesl that she's blackmailing him. Liesl asks how it's possible for Sasha to have passed another test.

Valentin claims Sasha really is Nina's daughter and warns Liesl to leave them alone. He says she has more to lose if she pushes Valentin.

Ava calls Franco over asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend to lure out Ryan. Franco says he's married and won't do it. Ava tries to make her case, she wants Ryan to pay for killing Kiki.

Ava says Ryan is already jealous of Franco and will fall into their trap, but Franco refuses. After he leaves, Ava calls Scott.

Curtis updates Jordan on Ava and how he believes she's going to seek justice for herself. Curtis says he's looking into who could have helped Ryan after he chopped off his hand, though Jordan is certain that person is now dead.

Curtis gets a text and tells Jordan that Ryan would have needed medication and he's just gotten word that a pharmacy in Niagara Falls was robbed and the culprit never found.

Laura finds Kevin at the hospital clearing out his office. The two talk and admit they still love each other. She asks if they can start over and the two kiss.

A delivery man arrives with a package for Kevin, from "Chamberlain".