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Perkie's Observations: Neil Tries to Counsel Kristina on General Hospital

Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi Ainsworth

The box Kevin receives contains Ryan's hand, courtesy of the RCMP and not Ryan himself. He decides he's going to the morgue to dispose of it. Laura wants to know if he's ready to move back home, but Kevin says he needs to work on himself.

Kevin says his God complex and arrogance caused this tragedy and he doesn't want to make that mistake again. Laura says he's a good man and that she can help him work on himself at home.

Ava has Scott over to butter him up, which makes him question why. Ava says she believes Ryan is alive and has a plan to lure him out. Scott thinks it's a crazy idea and believes Ryan is dead. He blames this on Ava's grief. Ava says Ryan killed Kiki because he could and she wants to be the one to kill him. Scott refuses to play her boyfriend.

Michael and Sasha make small talk after their afternoon in bed before going their separate ways. Michael runs into Carly and comments on how he's had a wonderful afternoon working out at the gym. Later, Carly runs into Sasha, who's wearing a gym sweatshirt and figures out that 2+2=4.

Alexis overhears Molly complain to TJ about her concerns for Kristina's whereabouts. Alexis assures Molly that Kristina is safe and working on her issues. Later, TJ reminds Molly that Kristina has been through some bad things, but she's never taken responsibility for anything.

Neil convinces Kristina to have a family meeting to explain her feelings about DOD. Kristina complains her parents don't hear or see her.

Sam checks in with Sonny before heading back to the DOD house to look for Kristina's pledge. Sam finds some folders sitting on the table, but Harmony shows up. Sam watches as Harmony locks the files in a locked room upstairs.

Shiloh heads to the gym to work out, runs into Jason. He proceeds to natter on about Sam and Danny to annoy the crap out of Jason. Jason does not follow his basic instincts and kill Shiloh on the spot.

Alexis and Sonny show up for the family meeting. Neil says it's a multi-step process and neither of them is in charge. He says Kristina is already feeling betrayed about the kidnapping and they need to listen to her.

Michael arrives for the meeting, so they get started. Kristina's first complaint is that her entire family isn't there, and asks about Molly and Sam. She's more concerned about Sam, since she believes Sam supports her being in DOD.

Alexis' phone rings, so she turns it off. This upsets Kristina, who complains the ringing phone means a lack of respect on Alexis' part. Kristina says her parents never get past her mistakes and believes they would love her more if she were different. (I'd love her more if she was less whiny but that's just me.)

Kristina says she doesn't feel lonely now that she's a part of DOD. Michael complains about Shiloh and his hold on her. He points out that if things are too good to be true, they usually are. Michael feels Shiloh's message is, "Do what I say, trust me, not yourself".

Michael wants Kristina to come home with him, but she says she made a promise and she can never go back home.

Jason tells Carly that Brick had the cup analyzed and there was drug residue in it. He says he's going to handle Shiloh himself.

Scott complains to Laura that Ava is planning a trap for Ryan.

Sam tells Shiloh she's ready for the next step, which is to join the trust. Shiloh assures her she'll be ready soon.

Kevin runs into Ava and tells her about the hand at the morgue. He wants her to put Ryan behind her. Ava says she's going to use the hand to bury Ryan.